Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

**Sorry this is posted on Wed, but my computer wouldn’t cooperate last night!!**

I was afraid this may happen…a whole week would go by with no blogging and all of a sudden, it’s Tuesday.  So, thankfully, I can catch up.  Although, I don’t feel like there is much to catch up on.  Ha!

1.  Last Thursday the girls and I made trip to Tupelo to see the Buckleys!! I had been planning on going to Sherman to Premier Fabrics to get fabric for pillows, so only being a few miles from Tupelo, we had to go visit!  The kids had a great time, as usual!  I got ONE picture…I’m going a TERRIBLE job of picture taking lately…what’s wrong with me???


Sweet Selah was happy to sit on the screened in porch to eat her lunch while all the other kids had a picnic outside.  She beats to her own drum!  Cracks me up!

2.  This weekend we went to the Double Decker festival here in Oxford.  We had a great time!!  The four of us went to walk around before lunch and we came back to our church to eat a hot dog, jump and slide!  Later in the afternoon, Michael took Selah home to get a nap.  Myla and I waited for Henry and Peyton to come to Oxford.  We walked around the square again and went and got a Sno Biz!  Yum!!  I got a total of four pictures…see, I’ve got a problem!


Selah was happy to slide as long as Daddy went with her!


Myla is in love with a bouncy slide, so she got her fill until Halloween when it will be back at the church!


Tag team!


Myla and Sage

3.  I know I mentioned after Easter that I was starting PRISM again, and I finally have.  Today is day 2!  Not too bad so far.  I now have an accountability partner that I am going to meet with each week to share food journals and discuss everything.  I’ve done it once…I know I can do it again!

4.  We only have 3 more days of MMO until summer, which completely blows my mind.  I cannot believe today is May 1st.  Did we not JUST celebrate Christmas???


Speaking of MMO, this is what the kids love to do when we are out on the playground.  They have lots of stuff to play with, but they love to stand on the ledge and look out the fence.  Selah is right there with them…she is in the dress with the red bow on the back!


She and Tyler checking something out!


Happy girl!!

5.  The Meurriers have blessed us two nights in a row with dinner!  They were in town last night and took us to Chick-Fil-A, and today Mrs. Sandy happened to be in Oxford again, so she brought supper to our house.  Not having to cook puts me in such a good mood!!!  Thanks Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sandy!  We always love seeing y’all!  (If only I had gotten a picture)

6.  I’m so excited because I finally took my fabric and pillow forms to a lady that is going to make them for me today!  It is hopefully going to make a big difference in how the living room/kitchen looks…adding some color! 


This is one of the fabrics.  I didn’t get a picture of the others, but one is the striped companion to the floral above, one is a yellowy/orange and cream wide chevron stripe, and the other is a blue and cream thin chevron stripe.  I can’t wait until they are done!! 

7.  Last Thursday night we went to a fundraiser for our local crisis pregnancy center, Save A Life.  We had a good time, and while we were there I was talking to one of Myla’s teachers at MMO.  She was telling me she just didn’t know what they were going to do without Myla next year.  She was telling me that she can get the entire room under control…telling everyone to sit on the carpet then proceeding to tell them that she is happy/disappointed with how they are acting.  She said that the kids listen to her better than they do them.  I was laughing, but the more I’ve thought about it, I think it has really been bad for her.  She is large and in charge at school, so when she comes home, it’s hard for her to realize that she isn’t in charge.  We are having trouble with her obeying the first time…she always has a comeback or excuse.  She is always going to try and have the last word, and it has been quite frustrating. Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart.  But I love her with ALL of my heart!!


8.  I’m desperately trying to sell my dining room table.  If you, or anyone you know may be interested, let me know!!


On that same note, if you know of someone that builds pretty farm tables for a reasonable price, let me know that as well!

9.  I’m starting on a project that I wish I would’ve started when Myla was born, but I guess it’s never too late.  I saw on a blog the other day that the writer basically keeps a journal/scrapbook for her girls.  It’s just written on cardstock and put in a 3 ring binder.  Obviously I will not write in it everyday, but occasionally.  If there are keepsakes or other things like that I will put it on the page with the journal entry as well as pictures.  I thought it would be great to do then give them to the girls when they are grown.  I know it is a big commitment, but I think it is one that will certainly be worth it.  I’m really excited about it, actually. 


I went to Walmart today to buy the things to get started.  I hope I can stick to it and keep up with it (that’s not by best quality!)

10.  As for the rest of our week, it’s pretty low key except on Friday…that’s the day I’ve been dreading for almost 5 years.  Myla gets her shots for kindergarten at 9 am Friday morning, so if you are in a 100 mile radius of our pediatric clinic, you may hear her screaming.  It’s not going to be pretty, and I truly feel sorry for her.  Hopefully it will go better than I expect, but I’m not going to get my hopes up!! 

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