Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

***My computer/internet has been giving us FITS this week, and I have not been able to post.  I had my post done on Tuesday, but I couldn’t post it!***

1.  Michael will probably be mad at me for putting this on the blog, but I am SO proud of him!  Last Friday, he was awarded the Overall Outstanding Staff Member for the University.  There were seven awards given out over different areas of the campus, then Michael got the overall award.  He received several gifts which was so nice.  Michael is so good at what he does and has a tremendous gift with people, so he was fully deserving of this award.  But, at the same time he is so humble and was probably more embarrassed than anything! Either way, I was super proud of him!!!!

2.  Speaking of Michael, thankfully he is feeling better and was able to go to work yesterday.  I’m so glad he is better.  He doesn’t get sick often, and when he does, he just usually pushes through.  I knew he didn’t feel well when he stayed in the bed pretty much all day on Saturday!

3.  The girls and I have been at church all morning working on VBS craft stuff!  We are so ready for VBS week after next!

4.  I am getting a new windshield in the van this afternoon.  Sis Sis will be very happy to read this considering EVERY.SINGLE.TIME she gets in my van she tells me I need to get it fixed.  It has been probably a year and a half.  Why do I put things like that off?

5.  Last Wednesday, Myla had her AWANA award night!  She got her last award for Cubbies.  Next year she will be a Sparky!  I cannot believe how fast she is growing.  Next year Selah will get to participate in AWANA as a Puggle!  It makes me so happy that our church has this program.  This year a total of 6,999 verses were memorized by clubbers 3 years old up to 6th grade!


6.  We planted a small garden last week.  Needless to say, we are not completely sure what we are doing.  We’re just hoping something lives!

7.  Last week we had Selah’s 2 year check up.  She looks great!!!  84% for weight and 75% for height.  Dr. Molly said she is growing very well and is hitting all of her milestones.  She asked me if she was talking much.  I told her that was an understatement.  She NEVER stops talking unless she is asleep!


The girls always love coloring while we wait.


Then Selah got curious about some other people in the other part of the waiting room and she stared them down.

8.  Speaking of staring down, do your kids stare?  Myla will STARE at people and it’s so embarrassing.  At the zoo, she couldn’t even walk straight because she would be staring at people and she would keep staring even after they passed.  In restaurants, she will just stare at people at other tables. 

9.  It seems like everybody I know is at the beach.  I’m trying not to be jealous!

10.  I will not have a Ten on Tuesday next week because we will be on vacation with my parents.  I’m sure I will have LOTS of pictures to post when we get home!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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BumbersBumblings said...

oh geez, my little guy stares soo much too!! Have a great vaca!