Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday…

I recently saw this “Ten Things Tuesday” on my friend Amanda’s blog, and I thought I would give it a try.  It might get random, but I’m going to give it a chance…

1.  This past Saturday, we got to go to 2 birthday parties.  The first one was outside at the park, and it was SO cold, but we had fun celebrating Teagan’s 4th birthday!


It was an Angry Birds themed party, and the girls loved it!  They both love to play Angry Birds.  Yes, Selah can totally work the iPod touch on her own…amazing!  It blows my mind!


Happy 4th Birthday, Teagan!!

Next we went to the Booth’s house to celebrate August’s 1st birthday!  I just love 1st birthdays…there is just something about them that is so special!


August wasn’t sure what to think of his cake!!


As you can tell, he had lots of people there that love him!!  Jamie and Blake both have big families, and it was so great getting to meet so many of them!  I am so thankful for Jamie and her friendship and for her letting us be a part of Augie’s big day!


Sage and Myla had so much fun together!

2.  We had an amazing worship service on Sunday morning.  Brother Tom always does an incredible job with the music, and this Sunday did not disappoint!  We had a guest soloist, Naji Spencer, and we sang “Oh Happy Day”.  I’ve still be humming and singing it all week.  I feel like I got just a small taste of what singing is going to be like in heaven!!!  Naji is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Even the 8:30 crowd was up on their feet clapping and some even raised their hands!  : ) I loved it!!  I hope Naji can come back soon to worship with us!


Ready for church on Sunday morning!

3.  Over the past 3 weeks, Myla has finally given up her afternoon nap….well, I guess I finally let her stop taking it.  She didn’t fight it much, but most days she really didn’t want to take it.  She would still sleep several hours, which was nice for me to be able to get things done, but she wouldn’t be ready to go to bed at 7:30 when we put her down.  Some nights she would lie in her bed talking and singing until almost 10.  Now that she’s not napping, she usually goes right to sleep, which is good.  She does rest during Selah’s nap time by watching a movie, but she generally doesn’t fall asleep.  I think I hung on to the nap longer just for me.  Ha!

4.  Since we’ve moved into our new house, it is so hard for me to keep materialism in check.  There are so many things I want to do to decorate and fix it up, but we don’t really have the money to do it SO I’m trying to be patient, and patience doesn’t come naturally to me!!!!  It can be frustrating!  One thing I really want is a farm table.  I’ve been on the lookout for several months now, and I’m trying to be patient so I can find exactly what I want.  I do have my dining room table for sale so hopefully I can get the farm table I want when it sells!!

DSCN5401 (800x600)

5.  Myla and I had never seen Toy Story 2 or 3 until this week.  My sweet friend, Christina, let us borrow them.  We’ve watched them several times each so far!  We don’t have cable, so if the TV is on, a movie is playing!  They are the cutest movies.  I think my personal favorite is Toy Story 3!  I’ll have to admit having them has been a nice break from Rapunzel, which we have watch probably 50 times since Easter.

6.  This semester I’ve been doing Beth Moore’s “James” Bible study at church.  I have enjoyed it so much!  We’ve had assignments each week to do and this week our assignment was to examine all of our “stuff” and determine what we “hoard”.  Everyone hoards something…it could be clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, money, time, etc.  I’m still examining my heart and asking God to reveal the areas that I need to change.  I feel like I did a good job when we moved of cleaning out things and only keeping the things that we need.  Probably my one weakness is the girls’ clothes.  Granted, my mom buys probably 90% of their clothes, and I am VERY thankful, but sometimes I can be very vain about what they wear.   And, I am attached to them.  It’s going to be hard for me to get rid of them some day.  I know that’s weird, but I guess it’s my thing.

7.  This weekend is the Double Decker Arts & Crafts Festival in Oxford.  I’m excited about it!  I plan on taking the girls to walk around.  Michael isn’t crazy about the big crowds, but I think it is fun to go and experience it.  Our church also does a Family Fun Zone on our grounds, which is always fun.  If you are in town, stop by for a hot dog and let your kids jump on the inflatables!!


Here are the girls at DD last year!

8.  The road of adoption can be exhausting.  We’ve had a lot go on recently, and unfortunately I don’t feel that I can share a ton of details, but it has been a roller coaster.  I have prayed and praised God for His faithfulness no matter what situation I’m in.  I know He has a plan, and His plan will prevail. He has a baby out there for our family, and I can’t wait to see His plan come to fruition.  I do covet your continued prayers for our family, though, and hopefully soon I can share more details.

9.  Today we had a playdate at our house.  Jamie and her children came as well as Jill and her little ones.  The kids had a good time playing, and thankfully there were no total meltdowns.   I didn’t get a single picture…honestly I didn’t even realize it until after everyone left.  We had 6  children 4 and under, so we were busy!  I made hot turkey sandwiches and the kids had pizza!  As me, Jamie and Jill talked we discussed how easy it is as women to compare ourselves to one another.  I’ll admit, I live in comparison’s trap too much!  As women, I think we try and appear as if we have it all together, all the time.  I’m guilty too.  Just like today, I was running around cleaning and getting food ready before they got here so my house would look nice and we would have food to eat.  They wouldn’t have cared if my house wasn’t spic and span…they would love me anyway.  I, and I think most women, put too much pressure on themselves and create unrealistic expectations.  I have to pray against it often.  God didn’t make us perfect.  I don’t know why, I just felt like sharing that…maybe it will help someone else.  I’m going to really make an effort to take pressure off of myself about these things and not be judgmental of others!

10.  We have a pretty low key week the rest of this week, so I am thankful for that!  I have a roast in the Crockpot tonight for supper, which I’m excited about!  We are going to a benefit fundraiser for our local Save-A-Life pregnancy center on Thursday night, which I think will be fun!!  Thanks for bearing with me on my 10 Things Tuesday.  Hopefully, I will remember to keep it up!  Have a great week, everyone!

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