Friday, May 11, 2012

Graduation and Birthday Celebration…

Yesterday was a busy, busy day!  It was our last day of MMO, and Myla had her little graduation program.  I thought it was hysterical that they were wearing caps and gowns to graduation from MMO, but they loved it!  She was so excited for her program, and told me that it was going to be “really cute”!


Big girl ready for her graduation!  This is only a foresight of the future, right?  I’ll never forget the day I got my cap and gown for high school graduation.  My mom didn’t know I had gotten it.  I came home, went to my room and put it on then walked into the kitchen.  She gasped and broke into sobs!  Now, I understand a little what that will feel like one day.  I know it will be here before we know it!


She got really teased and shy when she was on stage.  She kept putting her hands in her mouth…not sure what that was about.  Anyway, they each got to tell what their favorite thing about school was, and she said, “Reading Books!”


Mimi slipped away from school for a few minutes to come.  Myla was so glad she was there!


Sis Sis came to as well as her friend, Melanie.


Daddy took off for a little while too!


Mommy with her little graduate.  Ha!


Afterwards, there was a reception/end of the year party for the whole MMO gang!


I was so glad that Daddy was there to help with Selah!  She was so excited to see him!


After the party, the MMO teachers went out for lunch while the kids stayed at the church with a sitter.  By the time we got home, Selah was wiped out!  She never falls asleep on the couch, but I just let her stay there because it wasn’t long before we had to head to a birthday party!


Mia and her brother, Tyler, had a joint birthday party at Cloud 9!  Don’t all kids LOVE bounce houses!!


Sweet Tyler!  I’ve had him this year in my MMO class, and I just love him so much!  If you remember, Mitzi, our realtor, is Mia and Tyler’s mom.  They are soon going to be moving to Knoxville, and I don’t even want to think about it.  It makes me so sad because I’m going to miss them SO much!


Myla and some friends playing air hockey!


Mia blowing out her candles!


Myla was excited that Mady was there to play with!


Selah patiently waited for her cake and ice cream!


Then she chowed down.  Ha!


Myla and the birthday girl! 

After the party, we headed back to church for AWANA and choir. Whew!!!  It was a busy, but fun day!

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