Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

1.  The hot weather is getting to me.  I do not like being hot, AT ALL! It puts me in a bad mood.  Ha!  I’m not ready for summer in that regard.

2.  Last week Selah killed a roli poli without batting an eye.  She just picked him up and squished him…poor thing.


She thought he was interesting to look at first!

Later that same evening, Michael found a frog in his tennis shoe outside.  We watched the frog for awhile, and finally Selah just reached down and picked him up.  Myla screamed like somebody was stabbing her, because never in a million years would she do anything like that.  EVER.


She examined the frog for a good 20 minutes!!

3.  Last week the girls and I went to Newk’s for lunch.  The girl sitting next to us was by herself and she read a book while she ate.  I wanted to tell her to enjoy that because if she ever planned on having children, that probably wouldn’t happen too often.  ha!!!  Times sure change after having little ones!

4.  My diet is going really well.  I’m definitely not over the part where I’m still hungry most all of the time, but I’m making progress!

5.  Yesterday we were without water at our house (as well as everyone around us) until around 6:30 pm.  A line had burst which caused our water to be shut off while they repaired it.  It certainly made me realize how much I take for granted using the potty, getting water out of the faucet anytime I need it, etc.  I’m so thankful they got it fixed quickly!

6.  I made some cute treats for Myla and Selah’s classmates, but I forgot to take pictures of them!!  I’m so upset about it.  Myla helped me last Friday put them all together!  I don’t have pictures, but I can still explain them…hopefully it will help someone if you are looking for ideas.  For Myla’s friends I got little favor boxes at the Dollar Tree (pack of 12), filled them with Laffy Taffys and wrote on the box, “I hope your summer is filled with lots of “Laffs”!!  For Selah’s class I got plastic cups at Dollar General (pack of 6 for $1) and filled them with sweetarts, a pack of Kool-Aid and a silly straw.  Then I attached a tag to the straw that said, “I hope your summer is “kool” and “sweet”!  Then, for the teachers, I got clear jars at the Dollar Tree, stuffed them with Smarties and taped 2 Sharpie markers to the top.  I put a cute bow around the jar with a tag that said, “Thank you for helping make us “smarties” and “sharpies” this year!”  Have I mentioned I love Pinterest.  I did come up with the Laffy Taffy thing by myself.  Ha!

7.  Myla has her little graduation ceremony from MMO tomorrow, and she cannot wait for it!  She told me it is going to be “SO cute!”  She, of course, knows everyone’s lines!  She reminds me so much of me when I was little…thankfully, I know my mom made it through raising me, and I think I turned out ok.

8. We are having everyone at our house for Mother’s Day lunch this Sunday.  I cannot wait to give our moms their gifts.  I actually thought ahead and got something I like for them rather than running around at the last minute trying to come up with something!  I think they are going to LOVE them!  Michael said he is also really excited about what he got me for Mother’s Day this year, so I can’t wait to see what it is!!

9.  One of the girls’ favorite things to do is play in Selah’s bed.  Myla loves to go get Selah up in the mornings or after her naps, then she crawls in her bed and they play in there for a long time!  I love to hear them laughing together.  It usually lasts for a good while, then the screams start to come because I think the area gets a little small.  Ha!


10.  I’m going to get my teeth cleaned this morning, so I’ve got to get ready and floss my teach and brush them extra good!  Ha!  I’m interested to see how the girls do while I’m there.  Let’s just say, I hope my hygienist works fast!!!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

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The Vaughns said...

What is it that they like about the crib so?! Mine do the same thing!