Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Busy Week and A Big Relief…

It seems like we have had a busy week!  We’ve had something everyday, but really that’s how the girls and I like it!  We like to be busy…summer is going to get LONG for us, I’m sure! 


Thursday morning we went to Mom’s school for the elementary school play.  It was all about history, and it was really cute!  Sis Sis drove over to come too!


A self portrait of me and Selah!


The girls with Mimi.  Selah normally doesn’t get the paci out of her bed, but I thought I better bring it to the play just in case she got loud.  She is somehow balancing it on her shoulder in the picture!


They had a reception after the play, and Selah enjoyed this very LARGE muffin!!


My little social butterflies!


I mentioned on Tuesday that Myla had her doctor’s appointment on Friday for her check up and shots for Kindergarten.  Let me just say, I could not have been more proud of her.  She was so brave!  The first thing they did was prick her finger.  She didn’t even flinch…she just watched them do it.  I was thinking to myself, “Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?”  I couldn’t believe it!  Daddy was with us, and I think that made a big difference!  When it came time for the shots, she laid down without complaining.  Michael had to hold her legs, and I held her arms and kissed her on the face until it was over.  She cried some, but once they were done, she stopped.  I was flabbergasted, but SOOO thankful she had done so well!  I was so relieved when it was over and so was she!!!


She wanted to go to school after her appointment, so I dropped her off and she was as happy as she could be!  When I picked her up, we headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.


Selah always asks for Sprite, but then always wants my diet coke!


After Chick-Fil-A,  we went to Sno Biz.  I told her we could go to Holli’s or Sno Biz, and she chose Sno Biz!  She loved riding “Dino” complete with the theme song to the Flintstone!


She also loved getting up on the OLD horse!


Selah enjoyed her Sno Biz as well!


After Daddy got off work we went to supper at Newk’s.  Can you tell we were proud of her??


Mommy and her big girl!


Then, after Newk’s, we finished off the day with a “mini” oreo sonic blast!  She had a GOOD day!


Sister enjoyed her sonic blast too!


Then, finally, this afternoon Myla and I went with my mom to her school’s end of the year party.  They had a water slide and a HUGE bounce house obstacle course!  Myla had a blast!


Waiting in line for another turn!


My mom was surprised to find out that she had been voted Teacher of the Year for her school!  I knew beforehand, but she had no idea.  She was excited!  My mom is one of those people who truly found her call in life. She LOVES to teach and she is GOOD at it!!  She has touched so many lives, so I was really excited for her to be recognized in such a special way!

Whew…I’m tired from reliving all this!!  I think I’m going to bed!  I hope all of you had  a GREAT Saturday!


Alison said...

Cute pics! Sounds like Myla did great with her shots! Caty got hers a few weeks ago, and did not cry at all! Not one tear! So crazy!!! She is our bravest one, by far! My other two went crazy when they got their shots!

Meaghan said...

I'm a little jealous of y'all's menu...snowcones and blasts in one day! :)