Thursday, March 1, 2012


In an attempt to keep my blog up to date, I am stretching it trying to find something to blog about. HA!  I can’t even think of  a title for the randomness of this post besides just the day of the week.  Forgive me!


Last week, I noticed Hip2Save (a site of Facebook that gives daily deals) was advertising these wood picture panels from Walgreen’s  for $4 a piece, so I thought they would be good to hang somewhere in the house.  I had fun looking through old pictures of Myla.  I was sad, though, because I couldn’t find the flash drive that all of her baby up to 2 year old pictures are on.  I was on a time crunch since the deal was only for that day, so I just had to use what I had!


Selah has more age variety in her pictures!  I was pleased with how they turned out.  The colors are a little dull, but it could just be my camera.  I can’t be too picky since they were pretty cheap!


It stormed yesterday afternoon, and I walked in the kitchen to find Oskie hiding under the island counter.  He’s never been one to be real leery of storms, so I thought it was funny that he was “hiding”.


This morning, the girls were watching Boz on the couch.  They are real into having blankets right now if they are on the couch. There is usually a grand fight over both of them wanting the same one, but this morning, they were happy with the ones they had.  I heard Selah whining about something, and I could tell she wanted to do something with her blanket, but I couldn’t tell what she wanted to do.  Finally, I realized she wanted me to put her blanket on the arm of the couch, just like Myla had hers.  Once I did, she crawled up there and was happy.  Monkey see….monkey do!


After I posted pictures the other day of the house, I decided to not waste any more time painting that canvas over the hooks by the backdoor. I started on it yesterday, and I finished it this afternoon.  It’s been so long since I have painted a canvas, but it felt so good to be crafty again!  I thought this would be a good verse to look at each day before we left the house…that is, of course, whenever the day comes we can park in the garage!  Hopefully I will hang it up tonight!

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