Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The House Tour…

Let me begin by saying, we LOVE our new house!  We feel very blessed to be here, and we look forward to making many happy memories here!  I know several of you have asked for pictures, so here you go…


View of the front.  It is such a dreary day!  Notice my van in the driveway.  It’s out there because…


our garage looks like this!  Ahem…lets move on!


This is what you see when you walk in the front door.  This house is very open, which I love!  We are probably going to set up our formal dining room table where the kitchen table is…eventually whenever I find the screws that go to it that connect the table top to the legs…oh the joys of moving and losing stuff!


If you look to your left, we have a couch (in our kitchen), which has a funny story.  We were going to put this couch in our bedroom, but we could not get it through the hallway!  So, we brought it back out, set it here and ended up really liking it, so we just left it!


If you keep walking and look to the left, there is the den.  I’m getting some pillows made to add some color since everything looks so bland right now!  I am also looking for some end tables to we can get some lamps up.  Also, a big thanks to my mom and Frank for our new TV!!


If you turn around from the den and look back the other way, you see the kitchen.  I LOVE my kitchen!!!!!!  There is so much storage space and so many neat details.


I also love the view from my sink.  If I am washing dishes or cooking, I can look out and see the girls playing.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my walk-in pantry!  Oh my goodness!  Because of this, I have many EMPTY cabinets in my actual kitchen since all of our food is stored here!  As well as cleaning products and odd shaped things like our crock pot!


Past the pantry is our laundry room – not very big, but there is motivation to keep it a little clean since there is no door!


Between the laundry room and door to the garage there is a half bath, but I didn’t get a picture of it.  I do love our bench and storage area by the back door!  I have good intentions to paint that canvas to go above the hooks.  Wonder how long that will take me!


This is a view from the hallway looking back into the den


This is Selah’s room!  There is still a lot to do in here.  I need to get some type of rug/carpet and get things on the wall.  You can see the mirror that goes over her dresser, though.


Another shot…I love the built in bookcases and toy box in the middle of them.


Here’s Myla’s room!  We’ve got to get stuff hung up in here too.  We are also painting the white dresser pink.  She picked out HOT PINK, so we’ll see how it turns out.  I love the bedspread on her bed.  My grandmother made it a long time ago, so it is special!


The girls’ bathroom…pink and girly!  Nothing else, would do!


This is the master bedroom!  I love our room although we still have lots to do.  HA!


I love having a little sitting area in our room.  I’ve got to find a table and lamp to go in between the chairs.


Our bathroom.  The shower was a walk-in shower that doesn’t require a curtain, but I couldn’t handle not having a curtain!  It has two shower heads and a bench in the middle which is neat.  Oh, and to the right of the shower is a floor to ceiling mirror.  Lovely.  Just what I’ve always wanted.  A gigantic mirror RIGHT outside of the shower! The toilet is also to the right in its own little room.


We have a screened in porch on the back of the house, which I know we will enjoy as it gets warmer.


All of our firewood!  HA! 


View of the backyard


As I mentioned before, I love the details of the kitchen.  I love these built ins. 


And I love these basket drawers…great for our bread, etc.


I also love that I finally have a good place to hang this picture that my mom gave me and Michael our first Christmas we were married.  I’ve just never had a good place to hang it.  Now it is above our stove…which is gas, and I LOVE it!


I also love this little built-in bench seat by the front door.  Again, I must find something to hang over it!


I’m such a nerd, but this might be my favorite thing about the house.  There is a huge walk-in closet/storage room in the garage.  I love having all of my wrapping stuff handy, and it will make getting Christmas stuff out SO easy!  We also have a floored attic for the things we don’t need as often!

There you have it!   That’s our new house.  I will have to post more pictures as I get things better decorated.  I hope you enjoyed your tour!

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”

Joshua 24:15

PS…I just counted that I used the word “love” 19 times in the post.  Can you tell how I feel about the house???  HA!

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Alison said...

LOVE your new house! It is beautiful! It looks so spacious, and the wood floors are gorgeous! So happy for ya'll!!!