Monday, March 26, 2012

The Glasses Are Here!!!

Last Wednesday night after we got home from church, Selah’s glasses had been delivered to the front door!  We let her go get them and opened them up.  At this moment, I was so sick that I had not gotten new batteries for my camera after it died on Monday night.  She put them on and proceeded to run around the house laughing hysterically.  She looked at herself in the mirror over and over and just cackled.  I thought, “Wow, this is going much better than I imagined!”  On Thursday, we went Michael’s work and Mimi’s school to show everyone.  She only had one little breakdown while we were out.  She would take them off in the car and wouldn’t want to put them back on, and at one point, she was determined not to put them back on…but, bribery worked.  I had told her we would go to Holli’s if she kept them on all morning.  When she was having her tantrum, she kept saying, “I don’t want candy!”  But, once we got to Holli’s she decided wearing the glasses was the better option because she got candy!  It seems like the hardest part is getting them on.  Once they are on, she does fine.


My favorite picture from her first day to wear glasses!


The first thing she said when she put her glasses on Thursday morning was, “I wanna show Mr. Tony.”  So, we headed to Daddy’s work to show him!


Silly girl!


Daddy and his girls.  Selah was too busy snuggling to look at the camera!


Next we headed to Mimi’s.  She was super excited to see her and show her her pink glasses!


Me and my sweet girls at Holli’s!


Selah enjoyed coloring after she ate her candy


Myla always likes to write on Mrs. Holli’s big chalkboard wall!

Overall, I would say the glasses wearing is going very well.  I was gone all weekend to an adopting mom’s conference (more on that soon), and Michael said she did great!  Well, this morning when I got ready to put them on, we had WWIII.  She REFUSED to put them on….pulling them off her head, kicking, screaming, hitting, and yelling “NO!”  I stayed very calm, which is sometimes hard to do, but she just simply refused.  Then Myla was crying because Selah was getting in trouble.  It was a hot mess.  We had to go to Michael’s work.  I was determined to put them on her myself, and as soon as Michael got out to the car, she let me slip them on her with NO fuss.  Talk about frustrating.  Both girls act completely different with me than they do with Michael and it drives me bonkers.  Oh, well!   Such is life, I suppose.  I am very thankful that she is doing well with them…I know she is still having to get used to them.  It does seem that she is noticing more things.  I’m not sure if she just couldn’t see anything before or what.  The nursery workers commented yesterday how she touched a lot of things around the room just exploring.  It breaks my heart a little that she was having trouble seeing, and I didn’t know.  I am just so thankful that it was pointed out to us, and she is getting help!


4 Blessings said...

She looks absolutely ADORABLE!

It was so great to chat with you this weekend!!

Amanda said...

She looks SO SO SO cute in her glasses!!!