Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prayers Please!


Yesterday, the girls and I had lunch with my friend, Jamie, and her husband, Blake along with another friend and all of our kiddos…eight kids to be exact!  Anyway, while we were eating, Blake, who is an ophthalmologist, was talking to Selah.  He turned to me and asked me if I had ever had Selah’s eyes checked.  I told him no and asked him if he thought I needed to.  He said that I did because one of her eyes was going in.  Interestingly enough, my mom, just this past Saturday, asked me if I ever noticed Selah’s eyes going in and I told her that I hadn’t.  Blake, along with my uncle who is an optometrist, suggested we take her to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Southaven.  So, we have an appointment this Friday morning.  This is not terribly uncommon, but we need to see exactly what is causing it.  Best case scenario is that she will wear glasses (won’t she be so cute!).  Worst case scenario is surgery.  I have begun to get more anxious about it, but I realize that God is in control and things could be much worse.  I am just so thankful that Blake said something to me since I really had no clue.  Now that I am looking for it, I notice it a lot more.  He told me if this is not diagnosed and treated that by the time she is 7 or 8, she could lose all sight in that eye and it can’t be repaired.  But, right now, it is very treatable, praise the Lord!  Ironically enough, I took this picture of Selah this past weekend!  She loves wearing my glasses…having a pair of her own should be VERY interesting if we have to do that.  She probably won’t think it is as much fun if she HAS to wear them!!

As I’ve mentioned over the past couple of weeks, our church has been in the middle of two week revival.  The meetings finished up last night.  I am planning on doing a “Revival Debriefing” on my blog coming.  God showed me SO, SO much and I just want to pour over it and process it for awhile.  I want to share so many of the things He showed me, so I thought my blog would be a good place to do it!  So, those are coming soon!  Another post coming up is going to be about my friend, Katie.  I went with her to the doctor today to find out what she is having!  She is expecting her 4th baby.  It was the sweetest thing, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  I don’t want to share yet because I want to give her a chance to tell everybody before I put it out there!!!

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