Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrating Selah…


On Saturday evening we celebrated Selah’s 2nd birthday with our families!  She quickly figured out she was the center of attention, and she ate it up!


She loves drinking out of a “big” cup, so I let her pick one out at Walmart for her birthday.  She does a pretty good job although I am ready at any moment to clean up a big mess. HA!


Myla was thrilled than Henry was there!


Selah loves Elmo, Cookie Monster and Mickey Mouse right now.  We went down the party aisle at Walmart, and I let her pick out the plates and napkins she wanted, and she chose the ones with Sesame Street characters on them. 


Big girl was ready to open her presents!  It’s funny how much she has changed since Christmas in this area.  At Christmas, she really didn’t have anything to do with opening presents, but for her birthday, she had it figured out!  She loved it! 


She just opened up one after the other!  She loved her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD from Be and Doc.


Here she is opening her Minnie Mouse pillow pet from Mimi and Bodie.  I knew she was going to LOVE it!


She was SO excited when she pulled it out of the box.  My brother got a picture of her giving Minnie a big kiss, but I couldn’t figure out how to get it on here!  It was adorable!


Loving on her Minnie!


She had this face a lot when she was opening. She would purse her lips together with great expectation of what she was going to find!  Then, she would say “Oooh” in a high pitched voice.  She got excited over each gift!


Loving her new Mickey!


She also loved all of her cards, some of which played music! She has carried them around numerous times since her party. 


Catching up on some reading with her new books!


Finally, it was time for cake.  She was SO excited about having an Elmo cake.  She has told everyone that Elmo was on her cake.  She loved it!


Can you tell she was a little excited!


Posing with Mimi after she blew our her candles…with a little help from Daddy!


Digging in!


I think she liked it!


Showing off all of her icing!  My mom might have had to work pretty hard to get it out of the chair cushion.  Oops!


All three of them have remnants of icing!


Granddaddy and Selah. We were SO sad Sae Sae couldn’t be here.  She was home sick with the flu!


Mimi, Selah, and Sis Sis


Selah loves to sleep with things in her bed with her.  This was her going to bed with several new stuffed animals, and she was also wearing her new pj’s from Granddaddy and Sae Sae!

I can’t believe my baby girls is TWO!!  Where has the time gone??


The Vaughns said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like she had a grand time! Two years have passed too quickly! said...

LOVE that Elmo cake! Too cute!