Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Fun and Exciting Day…

Yesterday was a GREAT day!  It started out low key while Oskie and I enjoyed a morning fire.  The girls slept in…still catching up on sleep from our late nights the past 2 weeks.  I enjoyed it this morning though because I know it will be no time before they are up early again!  We were all looking forward to a fun day because our friends, the Buckleys, were coming to Oxford!  Katie had a doctors appointment, and she was going to find out what she was having!


Oskie doing what he does best…relaxing!


I dropped my girls off at Jamie’s house so we wouldn’t completely take over the doctor’s office!  Katie definitely had an entourage!  Her mom (Mimi), her sister (Karen or “Ki Ki”), me and all three of her kiddos! 


Char was proud of his “Big Brother” bracelet!


Robbie was too!


Mimi and Grace.  Grace was DYING to find out what the baby was.  She was not shy about letting everyone know that she wanted a sister!  I guess she loves her stinky brothers, but she wants a sister now!


Grace had a “Big Sister” bracelet! (Her hairbow is from a clown costume…Katie picked not to fight that battle!)


These kiddos are so sweet!


The two big kids went back with Katie to see the doctor and Charlie wasn’t too happy about it.  He didn’t cry, he just got in this position like someone had hurt his feelings so badly!  It was so pitiful!  He quickly recovered sitting in Mimi’s lap!


Katie and her crew in the ultrasound room waiting for the big moment!!!!


I find this picture hysterical!  The looks that Char and Robbie have should be what every man looks like in an OB/GYN office!!!  HA!


The BIG moment!!  I hate I couldn’t see Grace’s face, but it was so dark in the room!  I knew it was a girl before she said anything, and I was SO EXCITED!!!!!!  Grace had asked Katie how they would know it was a girl and Katie told her they would have to look at her hair to see if there was a hairbow.  So, you can hear the ultrasound tech say, “I think I see a hairbow!”  It was so sweet, and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it!


Precious ABBY!!!


After the appointment, we all came back to our house for lunch!  Grace, Robbie and Charlie brought Selah her birthday gift.  I think all 5 of them had some part of opening it!


Mimi and Grace with the celebratory cookie cake!


ALL the girls…included the one in Katie’s belly!!!


The proud mama!  Katie is a wonderful mother, and I am so happy for her to have this little girl!  I’ve learned so much from her as we have sojourned this thing called motherhood together!


Of course, the kids were dying to jump on the trampoline, or as Selah calls it, the “trambowene”.


Selah and Charlie got turns too!  I hate Charlie is lying down in this pic, but I love the look on Selah’s face!


I love these two little lovebugs!  I can’t believe they are growing up so fast!


Charlie wasn’t too thrilled to get off of the trampoline!


The “big” kids!


I love seeing all of these little ones playing together.  It seems like no time ago that neither Katie or I had children…now our cup OVERFLOWS!!!

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