Saturday, July 30, 2011

Swimming Lessons…

This past week Myla took swimming lessons through the Oxford Park Commission.  Someone evidently donated money to the OPC, and they offered swimming lessons for free!  When my friend told me about it, I was so excited because I really wanted Myla to take lessons this summer.  She was a little hesitant the first day, but she warmed up and ended up loving the lessons.  The only thing she didn’t like was having to go under and get dive sticks off the bottom of the pool.  On Thursday when she got in the water, she was crying uncontrollably.   When I asked her what was wrong, she said she DID NOT want to have to get the sticks off of the bottom.  I told her she didn’t have to.  Once she realized she didn’t have to, she was happy again and continued on!


The first thing they would do each day was splash water on the kids.


They also played Ring Around the Rosies and would go under when it said “we all fall down”.  Myla loved this!


They also kicked off the side a lot. Evidently Myla could do a better job with her tongue stuck out!


The last thing they did each day was get out and stand on the side and say a little chant…”Alligator, alligator stand real tall.  Alligator, alligator jump off the wall!”  Then they would all jump in!


All down with lessons.  She is trying not to smile for some reason!


Posing in the splash pad!


This was on the last day.  Yes, I was that mom calling out to her over and over trying to get her picture.  HA!


I would say that Myla’s favorite thing to do, hands down, was jumping off the side.


She also loved going under!  She won’t stay under long, though. I had to be fast to get this picture!


I think all in all it was a great experience for her.  I was really thinking that this summer Myla would really learn how to swim for real, but we haven’t been able to spend a great amount of time at the pool because Selah is quite difficult to take to the pool.  Maybe next summer Myla will become a little fish when we can get to the pool more often!


Daddy got to come to lessons on Thursday and Friday because he took off work.  Myla was so proud to have him there, and she wanted him to watch everything she did!

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