Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Pictures…

I was looking back through some of my recent pictures, and I found some that don’t really warrant their own post, but I would like to share them.  So, I’ll just combine them into this “Random Picture” post.  Clever title…I know, but it works!


Several weeks ago we were at a birthday party, and Selah thought the chip bowl doubled as a great hat!


And speaking of hats, Selah really enjoyed trying some on while we were getting ready for Myla’s birthday party!  Excuse the popsicle stained mouth and dress!


LOVE her eyes!!!


Funny girl!


Week before last, the girls and I met some friends at Cloud 9, a local jump house place.  This picture pretty much summed up the day…organized chaos!  The kids loved it!


Selah, always ready for an adventure, LOVED all of the bounce houses!


The big kids loved the air hockey table, and they were pretty good at it, actually!


After Cloud 9, we went to eat at Firehouse Subs.  When me, Katie and the kids are together, we’re quite a crew!  Our friend, Jennifer, came too with her two kids, and we ran out of highchairs!


Selah LOVES to rub food in her hair while she eats.  Most days, I have to give her a bath after breakfast, and sometimes after lunch!  It’s a good thing that she is quite fond of baths. She is so silly!


I guess continuing her love for all things “hat”, she tried out a napkin as one too!


How about this for a fashion statement??  HA!


Selah has begun to be infatuated with Myla’s shoes.  She will go get a pair and follow me around grunting ask to me to put them on her!


She doesn’t even care if they are mismatched and too big!


Yep, there is never a dull moment around here with this little one!


This was last Saturday morning.  Myla LOVES to color, but Selah usually butts in and runs her off!  Poor thing.  Selah loves to scribble uncontrollably color on whatever she can find!


One evening this week, the girls enjoyed a popsicle outside.  It is the perfect treat for a HOT night!!


Sweaty, but beautiful girl!


Selah decided the popsicle stick is way overrated!  Why not just take it off and hold the popsicle itself!!

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