Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Myla!!!

Well, today has been the day that Myla has been waiting on for a LONG time…her birthday!! She has been looking SO forward to her birthday party! We have been planning for it for several weeks, and she could not wait for the day to get here so her friends could come over and dress up and get their nails, hair and makeup done!  The party was so much fun, and all of the little girls were just precious!  I am so glad that Myla had a good time!  It made all of the planning so worth it!


The table was set and ready to go!  I thought it turned out so cute!


We moved our kitchen table in the playroom so the girls could all sit together to eat at a smaller table.  We used the kitchen table as the make up station!!  Myla has been DYING to get all of this makeup out for several days! She was so glad we could finally get it all out and use it…and I was excited too since I didn’t have to hear about it incessantly anymore!


Close up of the makeup table!  Myla “helped” me make the signs by picking out the colors for them!


The dress ups were ready to go, and all of the girls loved dressing up, as usual!


With great precision, Myla laid out her dress up shoes for her friends to wear at her party. 


Sis Sis had some hats that we got out for the girls to dress up with, and they got the biggest kick out of them!  It looked like the royal wedding around here!


The nail station…I loved the way my pom pom balls turned out.  My mom gave me the idea out of the most recent Mississippi magazine.  They are SO, SO, SO easy to make!  I am going to save them for future use, for sure!


All of the goodies for the nails!  Myla has been carrying around this thing of polish all week!  I’m telling you…her anticipation level was quite high!!!  One day while “playing” with all the polish, Selah somehow broke a bottle of purple polish on the couch!  I know..lovely!  Thank goodness my mom can get most any stain out of anything, so she came to our rescue!!! 


We used these chairs to do hair!


The hair paint and spray in glitter were both BIG hits!!


The entrance to “Myla’s Salon”!!


Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl!  It’s hard to believe she is 4!!!


My sweet family – I’m so blessed!


Can you tell she was just a bit excited about her party about to start??


Haley and Myla – getting so big!


Myla requested that Sae Sae paint her toenails.  They have always loved doing this together!


Mrs. Katie was managing the dress ups!  We had a lot of princesses present!


Whitney and Sarah


Marylee as Ariel!  She has the sweetest, biggest smile!


Elizabeth took full advantage of the relaxation part of her pedicure!


Beautiful Caroline sporting her boa


Mitzi helped her daughter, Mia, get glammed up!


Sweet Elizabeth was in her element…she loves all things “girly”!! She had such a good time!


Grace all dolled up with her dress up, make up, boa and hair paint and glitter!


Myla in her “birthday/wedding” dress!!!


I absolutely LOVE this picture of Caroline!!  She is so sassy!


Best Friends – Myla and Grace!!


Haidyn LOVED the hats…especially this red one!


Mia loved the make up!  She is so precious!


Princesses have to eat too!!


I think this picture is hysterical!!  She is such a mess!


Super Star Haley in her shades!


Grace says, “Don’t interrupt me…I’m trying to eat!”  Ha!


Elizabeth didn’t even take off her shades to eat!


Sweet Marylee


Sarah decided to be Belle the whole time!! 


Caroline enjoying her lunch!!


Selah just says, “Give me a bag of chips and I’ll be happy….forget the makeup, polish and boas!”


Another group shot during lunch


Haley decided she needed to wear the flower hat.  She looks like such a little “Southern Belle”!


I loved the cake!! Emileigh’s never disappoints!  Cute and delicious!


Getting ready to sing “Happy Birthday”!!!


After the party was over, I asked Myla what her favorite thing was about the party.  She immediately responded, “opening presents”.  Here she is in action!!


Her friends and family were so sweet and showered her with great and fun gifts!


Grace and Liney were the only ones left at the end of the present opening!  Everyone else went back to playing!!


Everyone all dolled up!


Myla hated to see all of her friends leave!  I don’t think she wanted the party to be over!


Myla was so happy to have Sae Sae at her party today!


She was also glad that Sis Sis came too!


Selah even posed for a picture with Sis Sis!!  Usually she is screaming when you’re trying to take her picture in a “posed” situation!


Sae Sae and Selah…funny story about their names.  Michael has started calling Selah “Sae Sae”, so Selah thinks when we say “Sae Sae”, we are talking about her!  She will point to herself when you say, “Where is Sae Sae?”  Mrs. Sandy is worried she needs to change her name, but I told her that it will be fine!  Another funny….Selah calls my mom “Nini”.  Mom said if Selah was the firstborn grandchild that she probably would have been known as “Nini” and not “Mimi”!


Myla and Mimi!!!  My mom was such a HUGE help with the party, and I can’t thank her enough.  She went to several different stores trying to find different things to match when it was a million degrees outside!  She did so much to make the day special for Myla, and I am so grateful!


Last picture of the day…  Tonight, Michael and I had a Sunday School teacher training at church.  On the way there Myla said, “Mommy, I’ve had the BEST day!  I had so much fun at my party!”  And she thanked me for it!  It was so sweet.  Then, when we were on the way home, Myla asked if she could have a piece of birthday cake when we got home.  I said that yes, since it was still her birthday, she could definitely have a piece before bed.  She looked at me in amazement and said, “It’s still my birthday right now???”  I told her that it was her birthday all day long.  Sweet thing…I guess her in mind her “birthday” is just her party!  So, here she is enjoying her piece of cake way after her bedtime!!

Myla, I cannot believe you are 4 years old!!  You are such a joy and light to everyone you are around.  Your personality is so sweet and caring for other people.  You can be trying at times, but what preschooler isn’t?  I know you are the way you are because that is the way God made YOU, and Daddy and I are so honored to be your parents.  We can’t wait to continue to watch you grow and see what your life holds for you.  Happy Birthday!  We love you SO much!  Now…let me see if I can get all of this glitter off of my hands, clothes, the floor…..I’m so glad you had fun at your party!


Alison said...

What a FUN birthday party!!! Happy Birthday to Myla!!!

Amanda said...

AUGH!!!!! SO SO SO CUTE!!! You did such a great job of taking pictures of all the people there!!! Happy Birthday to Myla- I cannot believe she is 4! I know it will seem like tomorrow when I'm saying, "I can't believe she's 18." :)