Wednesday, July 6, 2011

15 Month Check-Up…

This morning, we had Selah’s 15 month check up.  Isn’t she 16 months old, you ask?  Why, yes she is, but we had to reschedule her appointment.  It could have something to do with the fact that I completely forgot her appointment last month, and I got the dreaded phone call that went something like this…”Hey, Meredith.  It’s Kayde.  Did you forget that Selah had an appointment at 9:15 this morning?  Why, yes.  Yes, I did.  Completely forgot.  I’m SO sorry!”  Oh goodness, when I used to work at the dentist office, I could never understand how someone could forget their appointment.  Maybe they had other things to think about, but I never considered that.  Ha!  Now, I’m one of them!  I’m so thankful for the sweet girls at Oxford Pediatric that let me reschedule.  Okay, that was a really long explanation.  Sorry!


The clinic got a new toy in the waiting room that was a big hit for both girls!  They loved it.  I really wish I had asked to stay in the waiting room instead of waiting for 45 minutes in the exam room where there is nothing fun to play with!  They would have had a lot more fun in the waiting room!


Sweet sisters! I love their matching dresses!


Myla was just glad she didn’t have an appointment today!


Selah got anxious in the room and tried to figure out how to get out of there several times!


But, she never figured it out!!


This is pretty much how she feels about waiting at the doctor!!

Here are her 15 month stats:

25 pounds – 75th percentile

31 1/2 inches long – 78th percentile

41 cm head circumference – 21st percentile

She looked GREAT!  I’m SO thankful for a healthy, growing girl!


After her appointment, we ran some errands and then went to play with Grace, Robbie and Charlie.  Myla took her wedding dress because she wanted Grace to try it on!  I thought she looked quite lovely!

Okay, 5 posts in one day….I’m done for tonight, but I’m so glad to be caught up!!

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Buckley Family said...

I am so worried that we will blink and Grace and Myla will be in real wedding dresses!!!