Monday, July 18, 2011

Funny Story…



Myla and I went to Walmart this weekend to pick up a few things.  For her birthday, she had gotten a gift card, so I was going to let her pick out something she wanted.  Well, every time we go to Walmart, Myla always plays with the little princess play phones that are strategically positioned right by the check out stands, and she asks every time if we can buy one.  So, on Saturday, when she told me she wanted to by a phone with her gift card, I assumed she was talking about the princess phone.  We ran around the store for a little bit picking up some things, and we passed the electronic section and all of the cell phones.  When we passed there, we were on our way to the restroom, and after we used the restroom, she said, “Mommy, we need to go back that way because that’s where the phones are.”  I asked her why she needed to look at the phones, and she matter of factly told me that she was going to buy an iPhone with her gift card.  Bless her heart, she had in her mind she was going to get a REAL iPhone!  I tried to explain to her that she didn’t have nearly enough money to get one, and she was so disappointed.  I also assured her that Mommy can’t even have a phone like that right now since it’s not really in our budget, so she would not be getting one before me!!

After her disappointment began to fade a little, she settled for the princess play phone and has pretended since then that it is her iPhone!

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Alison said...

Haha! Too cute! Our kids love iphones too! :)