Saturday, August 6, 2011

Markers, Rain Puddles, and Dress-Ups…

This week has been pretty low key for us.  Myla got some type of yucky bacterial infection in her eye, so we stayed home a good bit.  We had several days that we stayed in our pajamas most of the day.  Those days are sometimes fun, but after several days, we all begin to get cabin fever!  It’s really to hot to do anything outside, and trying to keep these two active girls entertained inside can get very tiring!!  I’m ready for some cooler weather so we can get outside more!


One morning, Selah got very quiet, so I came to the den to investigate.  Sure enough, she was quiet for a reason. Myla had been coloring, and Selah had gotten a hold of one of her markers and colored all over herself!! 


She kept saying, “Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh” and pointing to her arms and legs where she had colored!  We took a quick bath, which happens a good bit with Little Miss Selah Sue!  We have lots of impromptu baths most days.  Sometimes she takes 3 baths a day!  She knows how to get dirty!


By Friday, cabin fever had really set in!  I was so thankful for an afternoon thunderstorm.  After it rained, I took the girls outside to play in the water puddles.  It had cooled off a little bit, and the girls were thrilled!


Selah loved the water and just squealed and laughed the whole time she was out there!


Myla loved it too, and they were both pretty soaked by the time it was all said and done!


We had not been out there long when I noticed that it was still lightning.  Talk about “raining on our parade”!  I would have stayed out there the rest of the afternoon had it not been for the thunder!


This was Selah’s face before I uttered the words, “We’ve got to go inside because it is lightning.”


And this was her face after.  She was NOT happy and she had a little pity party for awhile before I ask the question, “Do you want a popsicle?”  After she had a popsicle, things were MUCH better, thank goodness!  We were so happy when Daddy got home from work.  It was one of the those days where I felt like I needed a badge that said, “I survived the day!”


Daddy came home bearing gifts!  One of his patients had brought the girls dress up outfits, and they were so excited and wanted to put them on right after dinner.  Myla looked lovely as Tinkerbell and Selah looked darling as Minnie Mouse.


After a grumpy afternoon, this really brightened their spirits!


Sweet girls!!!


Soon, Selah decided that her Minnie outfit needed the wings! Silly girl!

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Meaghan and Wes said...

They really are the cutest little girls! Hope the eye is feeling better!