Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Catching Up: Part 1…

We were so excited last week to get to spend time with our cousins that live in Colorado.  We don’t get to see them nearly enough, so we always enjoy the time we are together.  Olivia, Rich and George were in Tupelo for a few days, so we went over on Thursday and Saturday to see them.  This post is from Thursday.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures, unfortunately.  If you could see about a 30 second snippet of Selah in action, you would understand why.  She NEVER stops…EVER.  She has no fear of the water, so if we were outside, I had to be one step ahead of her or she would literally walk RIGHT into the water.  This does not help my picture taking ability!


When we got to Aunt Be’s house, Selah loved playing on the piano!


Can’t you tell she was proud of herself?


We filled up a little baby pool for Selah to play in.  She enjoyed it, but couldn’t understand why she couldn’t be in the big pool!  She doesn’t want to be held in the pool and will scream bloody murder if you try to put floaties on her or put her in an swim ring, so it makes swimming interesting with her, for sure!


Myla was having so much fun in the pool!  This is her “I don’t have time to stop and smile at the camera…just get it over with” smile!


My cousins, Chelsea and Olivia.  Olivia is the one that lives in CO.  She and her husband, Rich, have one little boy, George, who is almost 3, and they are expecting another little one in October.


Selah finally let my mom put her in a raft.  She enjoyed it for about 45 seconds, then she was on to the next thing!


Mom and Aunt Be


Sweet George eating lunch


Selah is always happy to eat!


Popsicle time for the big kids!


And, you know Selah had to have hers too!


George gave Selah lots of kisses before we left to go home!

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