Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Baby, Old Friends, Thumbsucking & Adoption Update…

Last weekend, Michael, Myla, and I headed to Jackson to meet the newest member of our family, baby Luke!  He decided to make his appearance a little earlier than anticipated, being born 3 weeks early!  But, he is GREAT, and I think Mary Jennifer and Spencer are adjusting to life with a new baby!  He is so adorable, and I loved getting to hold him!


Me and Luke


Myla, Michael and Luke.  Myla wouldn’t hold him although she had talked all week about getting to hold him when we went to Jackson!  Oh, well!


The three of us with Luke.  Selah stayed with my mom and Frank for this trip!


Isn’t he precious!!


After we visited with Luke for a while, we headed over to our friends’, the White’s, house.  Two of our other couple friends, the Burchfields and the Fortenberrys, came over for dinner.  We had so much fun visiting and letting the kids play!  Here were all of the big kids eating supper!


The girls loved playing in Abby’s room!

Ellyn, Abby, Ellen Claire and Myla


Baby Emily gave her Daddy, Brian, a present!


Sweet Ellen Claire!


While we were there, Dr. Susan looked at Myla’s teeth.  If you live in Jackson, Susan is a pediatric dentist there and she is wonderful!


Trying to get a group shot of all of the kids.  Hysterical!


Before she left, Dr. Susan gave Myla a little talk about sucking her thumb.  She told her that it was time to stop doing it!


So, when we got home, we took Dr. Susan’s advice and took the steps to help Myla stop sucking her thumb.  We painted some yucky smelling/tasting stuff called Mavala Stop on her thumbnail. The first night was a little rough.  She didn’t fall asleep for several hours, and she woke up several times in the night crying after she had put her thumb in her mouth without thinking and it tasted bad.  But, last night (the 2nd night), she did great!  She went to sleep much faster, slept all night without waking up, and even slept late this morning!  I am so proud of her!

Now, on the adoption front….today I am mailing off to get our LAST piece of paperwork for our dossier.  It is a letter that we must get from the government that basically says we can bring an orphan back into the country.  It can take up to 4 months to come back, but we are hoping it doesn’t take that long!  Once we get that back, we will submit our dossier, then we will “officially” begin waiting!!! 

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