Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wonderful Friends…

On Saturday night, we were so excited to have our friends, the Becketts, over for dinner.  They were our neighbors when we first moved here, but they have since moved to Birmingham and had a little girl.  She keeps their names private on her blog, so we will call their precious little girl “MM” and them “B” and “A”.  We have met MM once before, but our girls have never all gotten to play together.  They had such a fun time, and Michael and I loved getting to visit with them.  Albeit, Michael and B did a lot more visiting than A and I did since we were chasing three active little girls!


We started off with supper, and Selah enjoyed hers, as usual!


MM enjoyed hers too!!  She is about 4 months older than Selah.


We went outside to try and get some pictures of the girls together, but, as we all know, that is SO hard!!  I love this one but wish that Selah’s face wasn’t so blurry!


Of course, MM wanted in on the pile up as well!


Selah and MM were peeking in the backdoor.  Not sure what they were looking for…maybe their daddies.


Sweet kisses!


I couldn’t believe they all sat still enough to get this picture!


Selah and MM – they loved playing together!


Selah loves to climb up in the big chairs in the backyard.  Can’t you tell she enjoys it??


MM stuck with the little chair…


…and Selah decided to join her.


A and Myla were playing ring around the rosies and they had two very curious spectators!


This picture cracks me up!  They were really watching closely!


Then, MM had to join in, so Myla played with her.

myla amanda 2

I was so excited that A did get a few GREAT pictures of the girls by themselves. 

myla amanda

Sweet Myla – love that smile!


And those blue eyes!!  So sweet….yes, these pictures went in frames today!

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