Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Proud…

This morning, Selah and I were playing in the play room while Myla was coloring at the kitchen table. (She must color at the kitchen table so Selah doesn’t get her little hands on crayons…otherwise, she thinks the world is her canvas and will go about “decorating” everything).  Anyway, Myla asked me to come and look at what she had done.  When I looked at her page, I about started crying because she had written her name.  I seriously have NO idea where she learned to do it.  She has begun recognizing her letters very well, and she would occasionally write a letter here and there, but then all of a sudden, she writes her whole name.  I just thought it was the sweetest thing!  She was so proud of herself, too!  She is growing up so fast!


I had to document the very first time she ever wrote her name!  That piece of paper will be saved, for sure!


The Parkers said...

hey, i saw your blog on the side of the blog from gems (jennifer sent me the website today) i thought i would check it out:) Great job Myla!!

Amanda said...

YAY MYLA!!! He had fun viting, too!! I hope we can do it again soon!