Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Love…

One of Selah’s favorite things to do is get in the bed with Myla while she is waking up in the morning or at nap time.  She thinks it is so fun to love on her and give her kisses over and over again.  She is a very loving child, no doubt!  (Just ask poor Charlie, who was here today.  He couldn’t even play because Selah followed him around hugging and kissing him!)  Anyway, one morning this week, I had just gone to get Selah out of bed when I heard Myla calling for me, so we went in there to get her up.  They were acting so sweet, so I, of course, had to go grab my camera…


All smiles first thing in the morning!!


I love how they are interacting so much more.  Selah adores Myla!


Sweet kisses…


…and hugs!


Then, in truly Selah fashion….not being able to sit still for long, she was onto the next activity of her morning, which was trying to sit on this stool while it is upside down.  She WILL NOT sit on it turned right side up.  Oh well, I can truly say she has a mind of her own!

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