Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Best Friends and a Jump House…Life is Good!

Last week we went to play at the Buckley’s house since they got a new bounce house!  Myla was so excited to go jump, and they all had a blast.  These kids love each other so much and love playing together whenever they get a chance!


First they ate lunch outside, then they got to get a popsicle!


Then it was on to jumping!!  They were all squealing and loving it!


I love this picture of Myla and Grace.  Don’t they just look so happy!!


This might have been my favorite picture of the day.  I love how they all three have their mouths wide open!


Selah tried out the bounce house too.  She liked sliding out of it the best…as evidenced below…

She is my fearless girl!!


Even though she liked the bounce house, she also like playing with Charlie.  She calls him “Car Car”.  It is the sweetest thing!  We were back over there today and she kept giving him kisses over and over again!


She also like sitting in the big chair to watch the big kids jump.


Sweet Charlie in the bounce house!


This was the second round of popsicles, and Myla was so sweet to share hers with Selah.


Grace shared hers too, and Selah was loving it!

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