Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

We had a wonderful day today celebrating Memorial Day with our families.  I am so thankful that our country sets aside a day to honor soldiers who sacrificially fight for our freedom.  As I sit here and watch a show on military men being reunited with their families, I remember just how much these military families sacrifice.  I am so thankful for them!

Like I said, we celebrated with all of our family today at Michael’s parents house.  We had so much fun!  Before we left this morning, I tried to get some pictures of the girls together, which is always an adventure!


This was the best one I got!


As you can tell, Myla loves to try and hold Selah down…


…but Selah is always trying to get away!


We call this move the “Selah lean”!  She loves to lay back on you!


And we call this the “rip your sister’s bow out” move! 


After we got to Michael’s parent’s house, we walked over to his grandparent’s house.  They have both gone on to be with the Lord, so now when we go over, it is easy for Michael to reminisce.  He spend a lot of time with his grandparent’s growing up, so their place hold lots of special memories for him.  This is the “shop” out behind his grandparent’s house.


Michael wanted me to get a picture of this for him.  His granddad was quite the innovator.  I love to hear stories about the things that he put together!  Anyway, this was a thing he made Michael to practice baseball hitting with.  Now, they have really expensive ones you can buy, but Mr. Meurrier was ahead of the game way back in the ‘80s.


I love this picture because we have one of Michael and his granddad standing like this at the same fence.  So sweet!


The Meurrier’s house


If this swing could talk….  Michael and his granddad spent HOURS on this swing talking about life.  We have all spent a lot of time on this swing talking over the years.


Me and Selah on the porch.


When we got back to Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sandy’s house Sis Sis, Mimi and Bodie got there for lunch.  Bodie and Selah had fun playing through the chair.


Don’t their faces look so serious?


Selah handed out lots of kisses today… to Bodie


to Mimi


and to Sis Sis.


Myla and Granddaddy


Sae Sae and Myla


Selah LOVES dogs!  Mr. Joe and Mrs. Sandy now have Dot, Mrs. Meurrier’s dog.  She pretty much steered clear of little hands today, but Selah did manage a few pets.


Of course, no summer holiday would be complete without popsicles! 

Thanks, Granddaddy and Sae Sae for hosting a WONDERFUL Memorial Day for us!

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