Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double Decker, Birthday Fun, and 4 Year Old Photographer…

Yesterday, we had a fun filled and busy day!  This weekend was Double Decker, which is a big arts and crafts festival that our town has each April.  To be honest, we had never been, except for 2 years ago when I ran the 10K, but we really didn’t do the “festival” part, just the run.  Anyway, I thought the girls would enjoy being out since it was such a beautiful day!  First we stopped by our church’s “Family Fun Zone” that it hosts.  Myla had a blast sliding on the big, inflatable slide.  I think we could’ve just stayed there the whole time and she would have been perfectly content!


Myla did so well waiting in line for her turn to slide!  She would usually just find an opening in the line, and I would have to tell her to go to the back!  She would go to the back without complaint and patiently wait!


Daddy and the “wild woman” of our house!  I always have to keep lots of snacks on hand so she will be happy!  If you can’t tell, she is stuffing an animal cracker in her mouth!


Myla in action on the slide.  She had NO fear of it!  When she would get to the top, she would jump off of the top and bounce really high about half-way down the slide.  She loved it!!


Selah taking it all in while eating her crackers!


Katie and Charlie…he is such a little snuggle-bunny!


Grace didn’t mind watching Myla and Robbie slide, but she didn’t want to do it herself!


Charlie and Selah


I was so excited that I got to see my sweet friend, Alison!  She and her family are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia, and she has been SO encouraging and helpful to me along our journey!  I can’t wait for their little girl, Caroline Faith, to be home to her forever family!


Grace and Myla walking to the square.  Love this picture!


My two girls!  I was so excited to get a picture with both of them at least looking at the camera.


Myla at lunch at the Rib Cage.  She looks happy here, but not long after this sweet, smiling picture, she had a meltdown…  Yep, the kind where everyone was watching us until I could finagle her out of the restaurant!  Oh well, such is parenthood!


After we came home from Double Decker and took naps, we went back to town for Myla’s friend, Mia’s, 3rd birthday princess party!  I don’t think I got one picture of Mia…but believe me, she is the cutest thing ever and she had so much fun at her party!  Myla was decorating her crown in the picture above.


Grace decorated a crown for Selah, but she didn’t want to wear it!


Robbie didn’t miss out on the crown making and wand bearing!  He is the cutest and funniest little boy I know!


Selah thinks she is a “big” girl and she wanted to sit in the big chairs like everyone else to eat!


Do you think they both enjoy cheese puffs??


I can assure you she does!!


I have still been trying to remember to take a picture of me and Michael together for our adoption paperwork since I couldn’t find A SINGLE picture of us together by ourselves in the last several years!  Well, thank goodness Myla has become pretty good at taking pictures!  She snapped this one of us this morning before church!  I’m so thankful for my sweet husband!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend as well.  Please remember to keep the families in our area who were greatly affected by the recent tornadoes in your prayers.  After church today, we rode to the area about a mile from our house, Pine Flat, and it is completely devastated.  So sad to see.  I just can’t imagine losing everything in an instant.  Seeing something like that certainly helps me put things in perspective.

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Alison said...

Love your pics from DD! And I LOVED getting to see ya'll!!! Wish we could've stayed longer! Hopefully, we can get together with ya'll soon!