Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today, I have much to be thankful for.  First and foremost, I am so thankful that the Lord protected our home and family yesterday during terrible weather we experienced in our area.  I had no idea that the weather was even going to be that bad yesterday morning, so I didn’t think twice about leaving the house to take Myla to Mother’s Morning Out.  Well, about halfway to town, I realized that I had made a big mistake.  The sky was black, it was raining terribly hard, the sirens were going off, and I got really scared when I saw an 18 wheeler pull off on the side of the road and watched the driver run as fast as he could into a local fire station.  I just knew there was a tornado right over my head that I couldn’t see.  Well, God went before us and got us safely to our church where we immediately went into the basement with other people who were already there.  We stayed there several hours and listened to reports of damaging winds and tornadoes that had happened.  After we left the church, we came home and got ready for the second wave coming through later in the afternoon.  I was very uneasy because it is not a good feeling being at home by myself with the girls.  I didn’t want to get Myla upset, so I tried to stay calm as I kept my eyes glued to the TV trying to see what was coming.  Around 1:30 we got in the bathroom when the sky got super dark and it started hailing.  About that time we lost power.  Then, about 90 seconds later, it was all over.  The sky got light again, and everything seemed fine.  We were spared, but literally minutes down the road from us, there was unbelievable devastation.  So close…  Please pray for the people who have lost everything.  This afternoon I started collecting things for a family that came to our church for help that has a 6 month old little girl, and they lost everything…they literally have nothing.  My heart breaks for all of them both here and in other parts of the state and Alabama.

Secondly, I am very thankful that after several ROUGH days with Selah, today she had a great day full of smiles!  I cannot tell you what it did for my spirits!  She has been screaming for no apparent reason almost all day for several days, and it has been so hard!  I am so thankful that she had a better day!


She was full of smiles and kisses for big sister!


Sweet girls!


Are her eyes not the most beautiful color??


I’ll take this smile whenever I can get it!!


Myla has learned to work the camera pretty well, so she was trying to get a picture of Selah giving me a kiss!


I was so thrilled that Myla got this picture!  I really think it is the only picture I have with Selah where she is smiling!!!  I love it!

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