Friday, December 31, 2010

We LOVE The Graysons!!!

Our great friends, the Graysons, came to visit today, and we, as usual, had so much fun!!  We have been friends with Chad and Lenora since Michael and Lenora were in PT school together…before Michael and I were even engaged!  When Michael first started school, he said “There is this girl in my class that I think you would really get along with!”  Well, needless to say, once we met, the rest was history!!  We have been close couple friends ever since!  We have spent hours together laughing our heads off.  Nobody can make me and Michael laugh harder than Chad!!  Chad played a special part in our wedding, and said things that we will always treasure!  We have vacationed together numerous times which has resulted in hundreds of memories that we still laugh about every time we are together!  We are so thankful that they are now in Tupelo, where Chad is the pastor at First Baptist there.  It is so much fun to get together now with our children!!  They had a blast playing together today, and the adults had a good time too!

GEDC1838Annlee was SO good with Selah and just wanted to play with her the whole time they were here.GEDC1840Playing peek-a-boo!GEDC1839Myla and Deuce hanging out playing on Chad’s phone.  On the way to our house today, Deuce told him parents that he was going to marry Myla one day.  I think that would work out great!  GEDC1841The 4 kiddos hanging out in Selah’s room playing with her new ball popper!  I really don’t think that toy has an age limit!GEDC1844

Playing outside!  Don’t our princesses look beautiful!  And Deuce is SO handsome, too!

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