Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with The Meurriers….

Yesterday we had Christmas with the Meurriers.  We always have so much fun when we get together!  I am so thankful for family! 


We had to make a stop at Sis Sis’s house on our way to pick up some gifts.  She, of course, was excited to see the girls!  I tried to get some pictures, but Selah was not in the picture taking mood!  This one was the best I got!


Me with Sis Sis and the girls.


When we got out to Granddaddy and Sae Sae’s house, Selah played in the floor with Granddaddy while….


Myla and Sae Sae made Oreo cake balls…YUM!


Myla and Sae Sae busy in the kitchen.  I will say that Sae Sae has more patience with this kind of thing than I do!


Mommy & Selah


Selah played and played before we ate dinner.  She had a good time at Granddaddy and Sae Sae’s house, but she thought sleep was really overrated there.  More about that in a minute!


Aunt Mary and Uncle Spencer – Exciting news for these 2…we found out at Thanksgiving that they are going to have a baby!!! YAY!!!  We couldn’t share until now, but we are so excited for them and look forward to having the new baby with us next year at Christmas!


Selah is getting pretty efficient at pulling up to standing.  Here she is trying to get Sae Sae’s attention while we were eating supper.


I think this picture is so sweet.  She was looking at Granddaddy while he read the Christmas story out of Luke before we opened our presents.  She looks like she is really listening to him.


Myla helped Granddaddy be Santa by handing out everyone’s presents.


Selah did pretty good opening her gifts.  She got some new toys that I know she is going to enjoy!


Of course, Myla thought Sae Sae might need some help opening her gifts!


Selah was surrounded by all of her new toys, but she was still most interested in the tree!


Myla was so proud of her new walkie talkies from Aunt Mary and Uncle Spencer!


And this was Daddy’s reaction when Myla got Beauty & The Beast.  He just LOVES watching Disney movies over and over and over and over and over………


The plan was for Myla and Daddy to sleep on an air mattress in the living room while Selah and I slept in Michael’s old room because the baby bed is in there.  Myla LOVED playing on the air mattress before bed time!  I say that was the plan, because that totally changed!  Selah went to bed around 7:30, which is pretty normal.  We all went to bed around 11, and Selah thought that would be a great time to get up and play.  She never does this at home, but I guess she knew she was somewhere different, and like I said earlier, sleep was overrated!!  She was up for over an hour when Michael finally came in and said he was going to take her home.  I literally don’t know how long it would have taken her to go to sleep!  So, she and Michael headed home after midnight.  She’s a little stinker!!!


All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas!  Myla is SO excited about Santa coming tonight!  I can’t wait to see her in the morning with all of her new stuff!  I think Santa is even more fun as an adult!!!!!!!!!!

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