Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning… (Alternatively titled, “Longest Post Ever”!)

This post has a ton of pictures, but how can you post about Christmas morning with kids and not have a lots and lots of pictures!  This Christmas was so fun with Myla.  She loved getting presents.  She didn’t care who they came from…Mommy & Daddy, Mimi, Sae Sae or Santa!  She just loved unwrapping presents.  In fact, today she told my mom that all Santa brought her was a Barbie.  That was the only thing she specifically asked for, so I guess she thought that was all he brought her.  She said that Mommy and Daddy brought her everything else.  Oh well…it was still fun!!


One of the most exciting things was waking up to a WHITE Christmas!!  It was beautiful!  We were thrilled to see the snow outside since it is such a treat down South, especially on Christmas!


Santa ate all of his cookies…or maybe Mrs. Claus did!  HA!


Myla’s stash from Santa.  She is very into art and coloring right now, so she got this easel. She has already played and played with it.  I think she will really enjoy it for years to come.  She also got a sleeping bag for our “campouts” in the den.


Selah was obviously oblivious to what was going on, but she couldn’t be left out!  She got some new toys that she has enjoyed playing with as well.  I will have to say that Myla has enjoyed them too!


Myla was up by 6:30 telling us she was READY to GET UP!  I have a video of her coming in the den so I didn’t get any pictures as she walked in. She was excited, but I don’t thing she really knew what to think.  She just kind of looked around before she started digging in to everything. 


The first thing she wanted to do was open her stocking.  Stockings were her favorite thing this Christmas.  She has been wanting to put things in them for weeks now.  We told her that Mommy and Daddy put things in her stocking.  Hey, Mom & Dad need some credit!!!  She loved everything that was in there!


Looking to see what else was stuffed in there


This picture is kind of ironic because she has a toothbrush in one hand and chocolate in the other!  Notice which one she more affection for. HA!!


I think she was enjoying opening her stocking!


Yes, I was one of those mom’s that SWORE I would NEVER buy any clothing with characters on it.  Well, that totally goes out the window when you actually have a child that LOVES all things princess or character!  Oh well, they’re only little once, right?


Myla in her sleeping bag.


After looking at Santa stuff and stockings, she was ready to open presents.  She has been eyeing these presents for her under the tree for weeks and has been SO ready to open them!!  Every night before she went to bed for the past couple of weeks, she has asked, “When I wake up, will it be Christmas morning?”  She was very ready for Christmas morning so she could dig into these gifts.  She loves opening presents.  Michael said that next year we need to wrap her Santa presents and she would be more interested in them!


With her new movie and new backpack.


Myla loves to dress up!  She absolutely loved this Belle dress up costume.  I love the look on her face when she saw it.  So sweet!


Her favorite saying this year when she would open a gift was, “I love it!!  It’s what I always wanted!” 


Of course, she had to put it on immediately!  I think she makes a very beautiful Belle!


Once she was dressed as Belle, she went to work on her easel.


Myla was SO ready for Selah to wake up Christmas morning to see her toys, but she also wanted to “help” her open her presents!  Finally, after Myla had already been up for over an hour, Selah decided to join us!


Myla immediately started pulling stuff out of her stocking and bringing her gifts to her.  Since Puffs are her favorite food, Santa thought it was only appropriate to give her some in her stocking.


Watching her ball popper toy…she loves it!


We started to see a trend as Selah got stuff out of her stocking…


…as long as she could put it in her mouth, she was happy!


Figuring out how to turn her ball popper on.


Selah on her riding toy


Myla “helping” Selah open her presents!


Sweet Selah playing in the vast array of toys!


Love these two!!!!!!!!!!!


Did a tornado come through here???


Myla got a harmonica in her stocking.  I’ll probably regret this later!

I have several more posts for Christmas since we visited several places to see family! 

I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas this year as well!

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