Monday, December 6, 2010

Extending Bedtime…


For pretty much her whole life, Myla has gone to bed around 7:15.  Lately though, she gets in her bed at that time but stays awake for a long time playing, talking, singing, etc.  Michael and I talked this weekend and decided to extend her bedtime a little bit since she is older now and obviously, she is not really tired when we put her to bed at 7:15.  Well, tonight was the first night to put her to bed later (around 8), so before bed we watched Beauty and the Beast.  Erica, that Michael works with, let her borrow it.  We popped popcorn and everything!  I love the picture above because it is not posed.  In fact, I didn’t think either of them knew I was taking a picture, but they both happened to look and be taking a bit of popcorn at the same time!  Anyway, just wanted to document the later bedtime.  She’s growing up too fast….

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To answer your question, we got the ornaments at Hobby Lobby.