Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas at Mimi & Bodie’s House…

On Sunday after church, we headed to Batesville to have Christmas with my family at Mimi and Bodie’s house.  Myla was ready to get there and open more presents!  I will say that she was so grateful this year when she opened presents.  She usually thanked whoever gave it to her without having to be told.  It can be difficult to teach gratefulness when gifts are bountiful and toys are already everywhere, but I want to always make sure that she realizes how blessed she is even when she gets nothing new.


The three grandchildren – Myla, Selah and Henry in front of the tree.


Thankfully, this little sweetie was feeling better and could join us for all of the fun!


Passing out the presents.  Henry had been at Mimi & Bodie’s house earlier in the week and had already gotten all of his presents together!!


They were getting excited about tearing into their presents!


When did she get so big?  Cutting the ribbon off of her own presents!!  She definitely needs NO help, and she will quickly let you know that she can “do it herself”!


Selah was surrounded by new toys, but all she wanted to do was pull up on the coffee table and play with the decorative balls.  We finally put the balls on the floor so she would have easier access!


Happy girl with some new princess books!


I love this face!  She would do this with almost every present, so I was so excited that I caught it on camera.  I don’t think she even knew what a scooter was, but she was excited to get it!


This was probably one of her favorite gifts – her stage!  Mom got her a karaoke machine and had the idea to get her a stage to “perform” on.  I had a friend build it, then I painted her name on it.  She started dancing when she got on it, and she has already been performing for us on it at home!


Pretty girl on her new stage!


Selah would just crawl around until she found something to chew on.


Thanking Mimi for her new things!


And, of course, Bodie needed to be thanked too!


My stepdad has always been a HUGE Lakers fan, so I new I wanted to get him a Championship T-shirt from this year.  Well, when I saw this one, I knew he would love it!  It says 16 time Champions and on the back it says all the years they won the championship.  He LOVED it!


Mom and Peyton


These two love each other so much!


Selah sitting on her big present from Mimi & Bodie…a new carseat!


Aren’t these bloomers adorable?  My friend, Katie, got them for her for the Christmas season.


Myla and Henry updating their height chart.  They have had an Elmo one up for awhile, but they have both outgrown it, so Mimi had to get a new one.


Bodie & Myla.  See, I told you he liked his new shirt!


Aunt Be & Mom

Our Tupelo family came over after we finished opening our gifts and spent the rest of the day with us. 


Olivia & Me


Selah getting love from Mommy and playing pat-a-cake


George & Selah – I love her face! She was looking at him like, “I don’t know if you are aware of this, but this has been my table all day!  Don’t think you are going to take it over!”


The view of Selah for most of the day – pulling up on the coffee table.


Myla and Pey Pey


Rich and Myla


The kids loved playing on Mimi & Bodie’s big bed.  Myla was determined the George was going to watch Beauty & The Beast with her, but he was way too busy for that!


George blowing on his new train whistle.


Aunt Be & Myla


Rich in his new “Hot Head”.  Olivia and Rich live right outside of Vail, and I think Rich pretty much skis everyday in season, so Mom got him a new hat that has all of these different uses. 


Myla with Sis Sis and her new Snuggie.  Myla picked it our for her in zebra print!


Our little family -  the best picture we could get!


Myla (post bath) and George playing “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” on Be and Chi Chi’s Iphones. 


The great grands with Sis Sis


Chelsea and Myla


Of course, these two had to give kisses before they left.


The Mothersheds and Selah


Myla with Kim, my brothers best friend from childhood.  She was able to come spend the afternoon with us, which was so much fun!


I think I’m caught up from Christmas!!!!!  What a GREAT Christmas we had!  I can’t believe it has come and gone already.  We have taken our Christmas decorations today which is always bittersweet to me.  We have also spent time reorganizing and trying to find a place for all of the new toys!

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Matt and Mandi said...

I read your blog and it is so scary to think how much alike our girls are...I mean they even have the same Christmas dress and pajamas (just different color). Too bad we are not closer...we have got to plan a "get together" real soon!