Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Baking…

This year, one thing I knew I wanted to do was bake and decorate sugar cookies with Myla for Christmas.  I figured she was finally old enough to “help” more than “hinder”!  She did pretty good, but really what she wanted to do the most was decorate with sprinkles!  We had to cut out and cook the cookies, then take a break, and come back after supper to decorate!


Getting the dough ready to roll out


Patting it out…


And rolling it out…


I love the amount of flour already on her apron.  I think this was actually the first cookies to be cut out.  She loved to have flour on her hands!!


Mommy and her little baker!


Tanner patiently waited under our feet hoping we would drop something, but all we dropped was flour!!


Daddy got to get in on the cookie baking too!  He made much better use of space of the dough than Myla did.


After supper and baths, we finally got to decorate!  Myla was a little “sprinkle happy”! 


Her decorating motto is “Go Big, or Go Home!”


Daddy helping out!


A few of the finished products!  We took most of them to the Meurrier’s for our family Christmas, but we did keep a few out to leave for Santa Claus, of course!


I was SUPER thankful for these two things after the baking and decorating escapade!  We had flour and sprinkles everywhere!!!!!!!

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The Vaughns said...

There must be something about flour! Jackson had it all over his shirt as well and was even rubbing it all in his hair! Merry Christmas!