Saturday, December 4, 2010

9 Months

Dear Selah,

Today you are nine months old!  You are growing so fast and turning into a little pistol!  You are very opinionated and are not afraid to let your voice be heard if you don’t like something!  This month you have become quite the fussy baby, but I’m hoping that a change in your reflux medicine with help that.  I deceive all of the blog readers by only putting pictures on her of you smiling up a storm, but you are not always smiling!   Now, for your little 9 month photo shoot today, you couldn’t have been happier, so we did get some great pics!


Although you have been quite fussy, I couldn’t love you any more!  When you feel good, you are so sweet and content.  You have really gotten into your toys, and you have your favorites.  You love to chew on teething rings and one of mommy’s watches that has a plastic band.  You also love your walk-around exercauser.  You have also discovered the fireplace, and you think it is quite fun to get into as well, but you hear “No, no”, a lot when you start to head towards it!


You babble all the time now, and I just love to hear your sweet, little voice.  Your favorite thing to say is “Da Da”.  You have also learned to pat-a-cake and you also clap your hands when we sing, “If you’re happy and you know it.” 


You have not begun to crawl yet in the traditional sense, but you can get wherever you want to go by rolling.  You are starting to get up on all fours, and I don’t think it will be long at all before you start to crawl, but I am in NO hurry!  I love to watch you roll around.  You are so determined when you want to get somewhere.  You will roll, sit up, roll, sit up, roll, sit up, etc, until you get what you want.  You also army crawl a little sometimes too.  


You are into everything that you can get to.  The Christmas tree hasn’t really interested you much, but once some presents were wrapped under the tree, you were drawn to them.  You like the bows and the raffia that is wrapped up in them.  I ‘m so excited for Christmas to get here.  You are going to add so much fun to our family during the holidays!


You, of course, still love your sister, and the two of you are starting to interact so much more.  I know it is just a matter of time before the two of you are running around dressed up as princesses and playing together all of the time!  You are also madly in love with your Daddy.  When he comes home from work and you see him, you light up and begin to reach for him until he gets you.  It just puts a smile on my face to witness it!


Bath time is BY FAR your favorite time of day.  I’m convinced that if you could sit in the bathtub all day, you would be the happiest baby alive! 


You still love your bottle, but you are getting less and less interested in baby food every day.  I know you are getting ready for table food, so I’ve got to start transitioning you.  You love puffs and mum mums, and this week you started eating toast at breakfast.  You love it!  You love to be able to feed yourself, for sure.


I’m sure there are lots of things that I am forgetting, but all in all, you are a joy and so special to us.  We thank God every day that He entrusted you to us.  Your Daddy and I strive every day to raise you and your sister in a way that is honoring to HIM.  We pray that you will grow up to love the Lord.  We also pray that you live sold out to the Savior and impact the Kingdom is awesome ways!

We LOVE you so much!

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