Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party at Mother’s Morning Out…

Wednesday was Myla’s last day of MMO until January, so they had a Christmas Party in the gym to celebrate!  Of course, Myla had a blast running around like a crazy person and eating iced cookies.  I mean, could life get any better!!!  Myla absolutely LOVES “school” and enjoys going so much.  I am glad that she gets the opportunity to form friendships and enjoy a few hours a week doing something she really enjoys doing.GEDC1711

My friend, Jaime, that makes all of the adorable applique shirts made the kids Santa hats with their initial.  They wore them when they sang “Away in a Manger” and “Jingle Bells”.  I thought they were adorable!


Our pastor, Bro. Eric, came and read the Christmas story to all of the kids. 


Like I said, Myla really enjoyed the iced cookies! Here she is with her friend, Molly.  They also had done the cutest crafts that we got to bring home with us.  I LOVE kid’s crafts so much!  I know there is going to come a point where I have to start disposing of some of them, but I just can’t do it yet!


Sweet girl with a mouth full!GEDC1720

Selah and Myla’s friend, Mary Bea.  Last week we happened to be at Chick-Fil-A when Mary Bea and her mom were there.  Mary Bea played with Selah the whole time!  She was so cute giving her toys and talking and tickling her.  Well, Mary Bea’s mom told me Wednesday that after they saw us at Chick-Fil-A, Mary Bea told her she wanted a “Sewah Gwace”.  She also indicated that she didn’t want a baby doll…she wanted a “live” one!  How cute is that?


Hard to believe, but this is the best picture I got of Myla and Selah.  Oh well!


Myla and her friend, June.  I think their friendships at this age are so precious.  When she pretends at home, all of her friends from school “play” with her.  And at night, when she prays, she thanks got for all of her friends at school.  So sweet!


Myla loves her teachers so much.  Here she is with Mrs. Kate. 


And here she is with Mrs. Tammy.  They do such a great job with the kiddos!  When Myla plays school at home, she is always the teacher, of course.  One day she will be Mrs. Tammy and other days she will be Mrs. Kate.  It is so funny to hear her act like them!

I am looking so forward to Christmas this year!  Myla is at such a fun age, and she is so excited about it too!  I am so thankful for healthy and happy girls.  I have read some blogs lately where unbelievable grief has come upon some families at this time.  One of them is a family in Memphis, The Harrisons, who recently lost one of their 20 months old twin girls in her sleep.  I have cried as I have read her blog.  She mentioned how the last day that her little girl, Evie, was alive, she was frustrated with her because she just wanted to be held, and the mom was so overwhelmed with shopping and wrapping and decorating that she just didn’t have time to hold her.  Well, she kissed her and put her her to bed that night having NO idea it would be the last time she did that simple task.  It has really reminded me to cherish EVERY moment with my girls, good and bad.  Please pray for this family as they endure the dark days ahead.  I don’t know them at all, but I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers.

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