Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Afternoon…

On Christmas afternoon, Mimi and Bodie stopped by to see Myla and Selah with their Christmas morning loot.  Of course, Myla was so excited they came, and she couldn’t wait to show them all of her (and Selah’s) new things.


Bodie, Mimi, and their “Grands”!


Selah getting some love from Mimi


Like I said earlier, Myla has enjoyed Selah’s toys as much as Selah has.  She loved chasing the balls as they flew off of the ball popper!


I think the girls are tired of hearing, “Okay, y’all get by the tree so Mommy can take your picture”, because this is the best one I got on Christmas day!


Don’t let this face fool you!!  She was so fussy on Christmas day.  I told Michael that she must not have gotten the memo that you are supposed to be happy on Christmas!!


After Mom and Frank stayed awhile, Myla and I loaded up with them and headed to Tupelo to see my family.  Michael and Selah stayed home since she wasn’t feeling too great.  We first went to Henry’s house so we could see what Santa had brought him. 


Myla and Henry playing the Bedbugs game.  Henry has been obsessed with bedbugs since the story broke about New York being infested with them.  Donna said when she saw this game, she knew she had to get it for him!


Sis Sis & Myla


After we left Henry’s, we went to my Aunt Be and Uncle Doc’s house to see them and my cousins.  I LOVE this picture of Myla because it shows her at what she does best…smile and be ON THE MOVE!


I think this picture is so funny because Myla and George, my cousin Olivia’s son, are in their own little worlds.


Chelsea, Myla and George.  Trying to get a picture of George looking at the camera is quite a feat!


“Kissing Cousins”. Ha!


Sweet George


Henry enjoyed playing with George’s toys too.


Myla and her Pey Pey


George and his Chi Chi


The kids had so much fun playing hide and seek.  Myla would tell George where to hide and then she would tell him she was going to count and she’d be right back.  I guess she doesn’t fully understand the concept of the game, but George thought it was a great idea!


Telling George to hide in the shower


Olivia and Rich


Aunt Be and Uncle Doc


These two stayed busy all night!  Here they are watching the slide show of pictures on the computer.


When that got old, they moved on to writing and calculating.


Olivia and Mom


Matthew and Chelsea


Giving kisses before we left!

Olivia, Rich and George live in Colorado, so it was so great to get to spend time with them this Christmas.  We also saw them the next day to do our actual Christmas together, but that’s another post because I have a bajillion pictures!!!!!!

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