Friday, January 16, 2009

Just for a Smile...

As I said in my last post, I looked through some old pictures this week while at my mom's, and I found some of my growing up years! Too funny!!!
I hope noboby even lied to my mom to tell me that I was a cute baby. How do you like the Alfalfa curly cue on top of my head? Hey, at least I was smiling!
Maybe a little better...I just thought Myla had a mullet!
Okay, let me tell what my mom said about this picture...and I quote, "Oh, Meredith, I loved your hair like this!" I hope she wasn't serious, but I think she was. Also, can you believe that gap between my front teeth filled in without braces...simply amazing! Notice the buttons too...nice fashion statement!
Check out that future All-Star.
Did anyone else have the "sailor dress". I can't tell you how much I loved that dress...shoulder pad and all. This was at my 7th grade athletic banquet in case anyone was wondering!

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Matt & Mandi said...

Oh my gosh...I am "really" laughing out loud sitting in front of the computer...these are hilarious...only you would be brave enough to post them!