Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation—Part 4…

-For our last full day in the mountains, we went to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and did a little “hiking”.  Not really, just leisurely walked down one of the trails and took some pictures.  The kids loved it and it really was beautiful!


Being the true “tourists” that we are, we got our picture in front of the sign.  All of these pictures are from my mom’s camera because my battery died this particular day.  I did reload the batteries, but I was so scared that Selah was going to fall down the side of the trail into the water, I carried her and didn’t have many opportunities to snap pictures! I’m not sure why we are all glowing like ghosts in the above picture!


The kid tourists!!


The grandparents and grandbabies


Henry on the trail.  Of course, Myla had to warm up to the nature trail and didn’t want to pose in front of the water.


Henry, Bodie and Myla (clinging to Bodie like a monkey!)


Mimi, Bodie and the big kids


I’m glad my mom took this picture because this is one of the things that Myla won at the arcade with her 1000 tickets.  Did I mention that she just wanted candy when we went to pick out her prizes????  Considering most of the candy was 5 tickets, I knew we were going to have to get a “big ticket” item.  Well, she finally decided on this stuffed frog, and she carried it around the whole next day! She also got PLENTY of candy and other knickknacks.


Myla and Mimi


Myla and me


All of the “grands” again.


Selah enjoyed her nature walk…a little too much.  She creeped over to the edge several times!


Bodie and the big kids put their feet in the cold mountain stream!


Henry being silly in the water


On Friday night Mom and Frank went out to eat by themselves.  On Tuesday, June 7th, they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  I guess they had someone take this picture for them at the restaurant.


When they got back to the condo, they loaded the big kids up at about 10 o’clock and took them for ice cream!  Gotta love vacation!!!

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xeeuu6791 said...

all of these pics are wonderful! i'm so glad to have them and read the details of the trip! It is easy to see that Henry had a great time! thanks for sharing!