Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation–Part 1(b)…

After I posted my “part 1” post of vacation, I realized I had not put pictures from our dinner on Monday night.  We went to a place in Gatlinburg called Howard’s.  It was kind of a hole in the wall, but the food was excellent and they offered free parking, which I think is what really got us in the door!!  Parking in Gatlinburg can be a bit of a challenge!


Selah LOVED drinking out of a big cup with a straw all week.  She is pretty good with it!


Myla was laughing at something Bodie was doing, I am sure.  I just loved this picture because it is a “real” smile!  Sometimes it is hard to get those in posed pictures!


See what I mean…this “posed” picture is more of a fake smile, but it is a smile none the less! While we were waiting on our food, I took the kids out on the back deck and it was so nice.  There was a “mountain stream” as Henry called it running down under the building!


Selah loves balloons so she was so excited when the waitress brought her one!


Selah got some love from Bodie after supper!

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