Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation—Part 2…

On Tuesday, we went to Dollywood for the day!  It was HOT, but we had a good time.  Dollywood is such a nice park with very friendly workers, clean facilities, and a lot of shade, which is nice on a hot day!  The only negative of the day was Selah pretty much would not let me put her down.  Forget the stroller…she acted like she was being mauled if I tried to put her in it.  We were there for about 7 hours, and I probably carried her at least 5 of those hours!  Let’s just say my left bicep doesn’t need a workout for awhile!  She was happy though and enjoyed herself.  Myla and Henry loved everything about the park as well!  I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but not as many as I would have like because I had Selah in my arms so much!


All smiles while waiting for Bodie to buy our tickets!


Sweet sisters in matching dresses…love it!!


Henry and Mimi

Soon after this picture we rode the ride called “River Battle”.  Everyone could ride it, so we all packed on. It is basically a water ride, and when you enter the line, there is a sign that says, “Warning:  You WILL get wet"!!!  Well, we all got SOAKED!  You basically ride through at about 2 mph and the other people riding as well as people stationed around the outside of the ride shoot you with water guns.  And let me just tell you…they show no mercy for a lady holding a baby.  Me and Selah were so wet!  She loved it though, and it actually felt pretty good to get cooled off!


Myla loved this pink cowboy hat and stuffed animal in the gift shop, so since we weren’t going to buy it, I thought the least we could do was get her picture!


Selah loved the bear cub in the gift shop.  The funny thing is she would pretty much only let me put her down while we were indoors.


Bodie, Henry, Myla and Mimi


The kids loved the area of Dollywood called the “Country Fair”.  It was the kid area, more or less, but it also contained all of the fair type games.  Ever the competitor, I knew Frank would try his hand at the basketball shoot.  You had to make 3 out of 4 to win a big basketball.  He only made 2 on his first attempt, so he won a small basketball.  Well, I went next and made 3 out of 4.  I got the big Lakers ball for Frank, but he wasn’t satisfied.  Of course, he had to try it again.  He did make 3 out of 4 the next time, but instead of getting a big ball, he got 3 small ones so all the kids would have one.  They loved them!


Myla, of course, wanted the pink ball.  Who cares that it was a Tennessee ball!!


Frank giving Selah her ball.  She threw that thing around forever while Mimi and Henry rode the ferris wheel.  I chased that ball down as long as she was happy!


Mimi and Henry on the ferris wheel.


While we were still waiting on Mimi and Henry, Myla decided she wanted to play a game, so she played this fishing game.  You got to pay $4 play until you won, so it was the perfect choice.  She finally caught her fish….


…and picked out this puppy dog as her prize.  She was so proud of it and carried it around the rest of the day!


When Henry got off of the ferris wheel, he wanted to play too!


Next we found the little kid rides.  Myla and Selah LOVED riding on the rides.  I rode with them the first time, but then I realized that Selah was going to do just fine without me on them, so I squeezed (literally) myself off of there and let them go it alone.  Henry joined soon after he got off of the big swings.


Happy as little larks going round and round and round…


After riding the ducks, they moved on to the little pigs.


They had the whole ride to themselves!


Next was the bumblebees.  This one went up and down as well as around, and they all loved it too!


Selah would laugh and clap the whole time the ride was going!


Going up high!


Lastly, Mimi, Myla and Henry rode the Veggie Tales Roller Coaster.  I was shocked that Myla agreed to ride it, and then she got in a seat all by herself!  Who knew?  She seemed to enjoy it, but I don’t think as much as the other rides!  She told me it went “really fast”!

Right after this picture, Selah finally fell asleep in my arms.  We walked over to the 50’s show thinking she would sleep through it.  But, as soon as we sat down, she woke up!  So I brought her outside to the sidewalk and she played for 30 minutes straight with a cup of ice and I got to do my favorite thing….people watch!!  FYI, if you go to Dollywood, every restaurant and vendor has free ice water.  Very nice on HOT days!! 

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Alison said...

CUTE!!! Love the pics! Jody and I were just saying the other day that we want to take the kids to Gatlinburg sometime!