Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation–Part 1…

Last Saturday, the girls and I struck off with my parents and my nephew for a week-long vacation to Pigeon Forge.  We had a great time!  It was a LLOONNGG drive with a 15 month old, but we survived it!!  I took lots of pictures, so I am going to do several posts from the trip.  We were so sad to say goodbye to Michael, but someone has to stay home and “bring home the bacon”.  HA!!


Saturday morning, Daddy got all the love he could from Myla before we headed out.  Myla has a Dollywood cup that Michael’s coworker, Erica, let us borrow.  We ended up not taking it to the park because it said it was for the 2010 season, but then we got to the park and people had last years cups, and you could get the $.99 refill in them still.  Oh well, better luck next time!!!


Myla was so excited to go on vacation!!!


Selah was all smiles just a few miles into the trip!  She actually did pretty well, but she is not a big fan of the car seat, so she was always ready to get OUT!!


First breakfast in the condo…powdered donuts!  This picture makes it look like Selah enjoyed them, but she only took one bite and wouldn’t eat anymore of it.  She will usually eat anything, so I was shocked she didn’t like powdered donuts!


On Sunday morning we took it easy and recovered from our drive!  Selah enjoyed playing in the cooler out on the balcony!  Silly girl!


Later on Sunday we went to the pool.  This was the only picture I got at the pool all week because I had to be one step behind Selah the whole time.  They had a children’s pool but it was 18 inches deep, so if Selah tried to sit down or fell down, she went completely under.  This happened several times, and it didn’t seem to bother her, but it made me a bit of a nervous nelly!  She warmed up to the water through the week and really enjoyed her time at the pool. Myla and Henry were like little fishes!! They would have been perfectly happy if we had stayed at the pool all day every day, I think.


Sunday night we went to Logan’s for supper.  Here are the two “big kids” before we left.  They got referred to as the “big kids” all week! 


Mimi and Selah waiting on our table at Logan’s.


Myla L.O.V.E.D. the peanuts at Logan’s.  She ate so many of them.  She also loved the rolls.  I think she had 4 rolls and peanuts for supper!


After supper, we came back to the condo and went to the playground and putt-putt golf course.  Selah really enjoyed the swings.


She also loved trying to climb up the slides.


Frank and the big kids were going to play putt-putt, but I don’t think Myla ever hit a ball.  Right after this picture, she decided to join us on the playground.


Bodie and Henry stuck with it, though, and had a good time.


Bodie giving Henry golf lessons!


Myla loved swinging too, and Mimi was able to teach her how to keep herself going good after she had been pushed.


Later on that night, Myla enjoyed some chocolate ice cream!!


On Monday we went to a place called Parrot Mountain.  It was literally UP a mountain!  I was driving and had to put the van in low gear.  I was afraid we were going to start rolling backwards!  But, it was worth the trip.  They had BEAUTIFUL birds just out on perches and in cages throughout the place.  And the landscaping was gorgeous!  The people that own it are obviously Christians because they had scripture displayed everywhere and even had a prayer garden.  Myla loved sitting in Henry’s seat while he and Bodie went inside to get our tickets!!


Bodie and Henry at Parrot Mountain


This cockatoo was one of the first birds we saw.  Of course, Myla is usually very uneasy about new things, and Parrot Mountain was no exception.  She kept telling me, “I don’t want to go in.  I just want to go back to the van.”  Well, this bird helped her warm up because he talked so much!  He kept saying “Hello” to us and then he would laugh and laugh.  She thought it was funny.


Here she is telling him hi!


I’m glad I got this picture because it documents the ONLY time that Selah was in the stroller the WHOLE trip!  She would have nothing to do with it anywhere we went….even Dollywood…for 7 hours.  Guess who carried her?  More on that later!


Bodie, Mimi, Henry and Myla


Beautiful parrot!  Isn’t God so creative??  These birds were gorgeous!


We were able to feed the birds while we were there.  Henry loved it!!


Bodie acted silly feeding the birds!


As I said, Henry loved getting to feed the birds.  Myla stood outside while we were all in there, but she eventually came inside.  Then she decided she wanted to feed the birds too, but as soon as one landed on her arm, she screamed and dropped her cup of nectar!  Oh well…I was so proud of her for at least trying!


“Hey, fella…who you lookin’ at??”


Mimi fed the birds too!


Henry and Myla in front of one of the fountains.  This picture kind of gives you an idea of how pretty the landscaping was.


Myla and Mimi


Myla and me

If you are going to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, I would definitely recommend Parrot Mountain!  And, if you want to purchase a bird while you are there, bring $4000 with you, and you can take one home!! I couldn’t believe how expensive birds are!

Up next…Dollywood!

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