Saturday, March 21, 2009

Princess Grace Turns 2!!!!!

This morning we were so lucky to attend Princess Grace's 2nd Birthday Party!! Oh, what fun we had! All the little girls looked adorable in the best princess attire. Katie had so much planned for them to do that there wasn't a dull moment. They painted sun catchers, ate lunch, made picture frames, posed in the princess throne, ate cake, played "pin the crown on the princess", just to name a few things! Myla had a great time, and I was surprised at how long she left on her princess outfit. I guess she knew that everyone else had one on too!
Thanks, Katie, for a great party!
Happy Birthday, Grace!
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Grace and Myla painting their sun catchers!
Myla actually did really well!
After a little while, she thought it would be more fun to just paint on Grace!
The princesses table....I made the crown hanging above the window, which I thought turned out so cute!
Another crown that I did....I can't really take full credit because I actually just cut it out and put glitter on it! It is a piece of foam that you can get at Home Depot.
Grace putting the finishing touches on her sun catcher!
And Myla finishing her's up as well.
"Gee, Mom, painting is fun! Can I do this at home sometimes?"
I'll think about it, there Myla!
Is this cake not A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.??? Love it! If you ever need a cake in Oxford, go to Emileigh's! They do an awesome job! It tastes just as good as it looks!
Still painting!
Meet Princess Myla!
On the throne!
All the girls eating lunch! Katie did such a good job with the decorations and set up!
Still eating...all of them looked so cute!
Myla playing "Pin the crown on the princess".
I guess she thougth she was the princess, not the picture hanging on the wall!
Myla prefers goldfish over cake!
Grace really likes to enjoy her food. All the other girls had left the table, but Grace wasn't leaving until she had eaten all of her cake. To be as little as she is, this girl loves to eat!
No, Grace, you are TWO now!!!!
Myla and Mommy....I know....the resemblance is uncanny!
Seriously, could we look any more different!
Myla's favorite party favor was the Ring-Pop!
It was not pretty when I took it away from her when we got in the car!
What a difference a year makes!!!!!!!!!
Grace's 1st Birthday Party!
And a year later!

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Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

WOW, these babies are growing WAAAY too fast!