Sunday, March 1, 2009

Henry's 4th Birthday Party...

Yesterday, we went to Tupelo to help celebrate Henry's 4th Birthday! He had his party at a place in Tupelo called "GO"! And, let me tell you, GO is what all those kids did! They didn't stop the whole time we were there, and my little wild one was no exception. She had a ball! GO is a place that teaches gymnastics, but also has birthday parties. They have the springy floor and they just put out all kinds of contraptions that the kids can jump on, run around, roll on, etc. They also have a rock climbing wall, but thank goodness Myla was not ready for that. It was a great party, and the kids expended LOTS of energy. Myla took the longest nap yesterday that she has taken in weeks because she was totally exhausted!
*Funny note - One of the girls that works at GO asked me how old Myla was, and I told her she was 19 months. She then told me that she had never seen a child that young do the things Myla was doing. She said they are usually skiddish and nervous around all the other kids because it is pretty chaotic. Seriously, Myla was WILD running around and squealing! She was cracking all of us up!
Let the party begin....Myla has arrived!
Here she is trying to figure out what to do first. She didn't hesitate when it came to running and playing. She jumped right in there with the big kids.
Pey Pey and Myla taking a break from playing...but not for long!
This is what she looked like most of the time...full speed ahead and smiling. Sorry the pics are so was not the greatest lighting!
Henry on the balance beam.
Myla and Daddy in the circle with all the bigs kids playing the games.
Henry about to dig in to his cake! I cannot believe how big he is!
Myla sat up at the table and ate her cookie and drank her water. She is so big...I just can't get over it! She LOVES drinking out of a water bottle....especially if she can hold it herself.
Mimi and Myla...with her fake smile!
This was the closest I could get to a picture of Henry and Myla together. They didn't have time for that type of thing!
This was after her LONG nap...she woke up quite happy, if you can't tell! I think she is ready to go back to GO!

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Jared and Kristin said...

Myla looks SO cute! But then again, she always looks so cute!
Is that the new dress you bought at Peas and Carrots? I love it!