Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grace Comes to Play...

Tuesday we got to have Grace over to play while Katie went and had lunch with her Bible study small group. I would like to say that we had lots of fun and Myla was a sweet girl, but unfortunately, she wasn't. Grace was near perfect, as always, but Myla was a little heathen. This behavior that she exhibited has led to a whole new way of thinking around this house. We have started "training bootcamp" as of yesterday, which has already made a world of difference. I will post more on this separately. Until then, here are pictures from our day with Grace.
Grace and Myla enjoying some books.

Is this funny or what? Grace still uses her pacifier occassionally, so I guess Myla felt the need to get one too. We have one of baby Ellyn's at our house so that if Robyn ever forgets to bring one, we have an extra here. Myla was claiming it as hers on Tuesday. Notice the pink dogs as well. Grace has one too!!
I thought this picture was too cute.

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Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

That is adorable. It is funny to see Myla with a paci though...LOL