Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

1.  I know…I am very behind, and I have no excuse.

2.  I have been doing a terrible job of taking pictures lately, so I’m going to have to dig up things to talk about.  Ha!

3.  Last week and some of the week before, I helped my mom pack up her school room.  After her surgery on her shoulder this summer, she found out that she also had a stress fracture in her left foot, which is requiring her to wear a boot.  Needless to say, she reluctantly had to make the decision to retire…after 42 years of teaching.  It has been extremely difficult for her emotionally because she really doesn’t want to retire, but feels like she has to because of her physical state right now.  She has TONS of school stuff, and she wanted to keep most of it…just in case.  The girls went with me some and had a good time playing with all of the school stuff!


Myla acting silly!


Yes...we had our work cut out for us!!

4.  I am ready for us to start homeschool and get into a routine.  Our lives have seemed so out of whack lately…I can’t really pinpoint it, but I guess it’s just that we don’t have any set schedule and everyday we just kind of fly by the seat of our pants.  I think it will definitely help to get back into a routine soon!

5.  Michael and I spent the past weekend in Tupelo while my parents kept the kids.  We had a nice, relaxing time, and I was thankful for the getaway.  While we were there, we went to the Goodwill Bookstore.  If you are in Tupelo, you should definitely go!  It is very, very organized and has tons of great books.  Michael is a book lover, so I had a hard time getting him out of there!!!  We bought 18 books, so we’ve got some reading to do!

6.  Do you feel like this when you eat with kids?  Poor Michael was trying to eat some watermelon, and I’m not sure if he ended up getting any at all!


They’re like little vultures!

7.  I’m SO ready for fall…this hot weather is about to do me in.

8.  We have absolutely been loving the Olympics!  It has put a little kink in our bedtime, but it only comes around every 4 years, right?

9.  Take a look at this precious baby girl!  My friend, Katie, delivered sweet Abigail Ann, “Abby”, on Monday morning at 4:45 am.  The girls and I finally got a chance to go and see her this morning.  I can’t imagine having 4 children 5 years old and under, but Katie handles it like a champ and is an absolute wonderful mother!


She is pretty much identical to Grace as a newborn!


The girls loved getting to hold her…especially Selah, but I didn’t chance taking a picture while Selah was holding her.  I needed to have all hands on deck.  Ha!

10.  Ok…I thought of nine things…can’t think of anymore.  I’m going to go cheer Gabby Douglas on as she competes on the balance beam.

Happy Tuesday!

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