Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday…

1.  We are starting homeschool on Monday!  Myla and I are very excited and ready to get started!


I’ve tried to get my things organized and ready to go!

(Note to self…if the house catches on fire, grab everything in the top left corner of the cabinet because that is all of our adoption paperwork!!!  I NEVER want to lose any of it!)

2.  Last weekend while Michael and I were in Tupelo, we went to FBC in Tupelo, where our dear friend, Chad Grayson, serves as pastor.  Chad was not preaching that morning because Ron Price was there to give his testimony.  You might remember Ron from the news.  He is the head football coach in New Albany and last December his wife, Amanda, was shot and killed in their home.  Ron was also shot by the intruder.  He gave an amazing testimony of his faith, and I was just in awe listening to him.  I can’t imagine going through what he went through, but his faith in the Lord was undeniable.  It was really tremendous.

3.  This past Saturday, we went to Michael’s parents to visit for the day.


The girls had so much fun playing with Play-Doh!


As you can tell, some of Selah’s colors began to get mixed together!


Selah and Granddaddy shared some time on the piano.

4.  I ALWAYS think of things between Tuesdays to write on the Ten on Tuesday posts , but when it comes time to do it, I can never remember them!

5.  I am so ready to start MMO!  I have missed my little kiddos so much this summer, and I am so excited that we are moving up with our class so we will have a lot of the same students this year!  I made little owls to go on our door.


6.  I’m reading my first Nicholas Sparks book. I’m not sure why I have never read one before, but I am really enjoying it so far.  I picked it up at the Goodwill bookstore in Tupelo that I mentioned last Tuesday!  :)

7.  We are renting our house out for the Ole Miss vs. Texas football game, so it is giving me some motivation to get the remaining things done around the house that I want to do!  I’ve got to finish stripping one of the doors from Mrs. Meurrier’s house that we are going to use for our headboard, but it is HARD work!

8.  One project I’m working on is this door that I got at a thrift shop back in December.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but I really liked it! I finally decided to put pictures in it and hang it above the church pew in the kitchen.  Hopefully we will get it hung this week!


I messed up two pictures with the glue dots while I was working on them, so I have to get them re-developed.    I’m also going to glue in a door knob off of one of the other old doors we have.  I don’t like the hole being there!


Myla took this picture so we could see what it would look like above the bench.  ha!

9.  We have had birds in our chimney for several weeks, and they are driving me CRAZY!  Obviously there is a nest in there with lots of babies and they chirp all the time!!!!  We’ve got to get a chimney sweep to get them OUT!

10.  Oxford is definitely getting busier as it gets closer to school starting at Ole Miss.  Summer traffic is so much better here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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