Saturday, August 25, 2012

They Got Mail…

As any other children, mine love to get mail!  Especially Myla since she is a little older.  We came home from town on Thursday and spotted this box on the front doorstep.  Myla was beside herself when I told her that is was for her and Selah from Papaw!  She couldn’t wait to tear into it!


This picture cracks me up because Selah reminds me of Wilson from the show “Home Improvement”.  Ha! Remember the man whose mouth was always hidden behind something?


Anywho…they were so excited to find that Papaw had sent them light up bubble guns!


You can still see Myla’s excitement…I’m not sure what Selah is doing, but she’s just being herself.  The child really is hysterical.  My mom is convinced we could take her to Hollywood and get rich because she could be onscreen.  Adoption fundraiser, maybe?  I kid…


Of course, they wanted to use them immediately, but being that it was in the middle of the day, we had to go in the garage  where it was dark so they could see the guns/bubbles light up.  Of course with the flash on, you can’t really tell anything.  (Notice Selah’s shoes….they are on the wrong feet.  Most times she prefers shoes this way).


So, I turned the flash on and got these pictures.  The girls thought they were awesome!


When I knelt down to take a picture of Selah, she turned the gun on the camera!



Thank you, Papaw for the fun bubble guns!  They were a hit!

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