Thursday, August 23, 2012

She’s a Big Girl Now…


Selah is growing and changing so much everyday!  I still think of her so often as a “baby”, but she’s not at all.  If you are around her much, you know that she talks ALL the time!  She is SO expressive and funny!  In fact, we called my Dad yesterday and Selah got on the phone and said, “Hey, Papaw!”  And my Dad responded, “Well, hey Myla!”  He couldn’t believe how well she was talking, and Selah got the biggest kick out of that.  All afternoon, she was saying, “Papaw thought I was Myla!”  Then, she would just die out laughing!

One big change over the past week is that Selah is potty trained! I have been in NO rush to potty train…mainly because I was just being lazy about it and she hasn’t had much interest.  But, last Tuesday she told me she wanted to wear “big girl panties”.  So, I put them on her, and she has had one accident since then!  It is so funny to see her running around in panties!  She is so proud of herself, and she keeps saying, “I a big girl now”!  Sweet girl!

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