Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Wrap Up…

We have had a good week around here, so I thought I would recap some of it in pictures…


Last Saturday morning, Michael decided to take the girls on a hike at the nature trails in the rain.  At first Selah didn’t want to go, but when they were leaving, she changed her mind!  They had a great time!


After they returned from their “hike”, the girls and I headed to Batesville to see some family that was here from out of town.  I didn’t take too many pictures, but I did get this one of Myla and “Big Mimi”, Bodie’s mother.


I also snapped this sweet picture of Selah and Pey Pey taking a nap.


Tuesday morning, Selah woke up sickly.  I just knew she had the stomach virus, so I was prepared with towels and a trash can.  Ha!  We did end up going to the doctor that afternoon because she was having some stomach trouble, but she seems to be on the mend. (Probably not details that you would like to read on the blog)


Wednesday night Myla returned to Sparks.  She was a little anxious about going, but she had a wonderful time and was so excited to earn her vest and book!


They get points for wearing tennis shoes to Sparks and since Myla had outgrown all of her tennis shoes, we got her some new ones.  She picked these out all by herself!


She told me she wanted a silly picture!  Nice blue tongue from her jolly rancher.


School is still going well!  We are plugging along, and she really enjoys it.  I do too!  We don’t start Classical Conversations until Sept. 11th, but we wanted to get a hard start on some of the memory work.  I will try and do a post about CC because I didn’t know much about it, but the more I’ve learned, it’s amazing!  She will learn SOO much!  She will have memory work each week in 7 subjects.

The first week of math memory work is skip counting by 2’s.

Over the course of this year, she will learn 161 historical items on a timeline.  Everything is to music, which makes it very helpful.  Here she is singing the first segment she learned.  She honestly doesn’t know tons of information about these things on the timeline, but she is storing them in her brain for later!
Happy Friday, everyone!!!  College football is here!! YAY!!!!!!!! 

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amanda said...

Your girls are precious, Meredith!! We almost did Classical Conversations, this year......but decided to wait one more year. Let me know ho it goes for y'all! I was a little worried about what my younger two would do since ours does not have nursery! So glad y'all are doing well and loving homes schooling! Hope y'all have a wonderful year :)!