Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Change Up Tuesday…

To be honest with you, I just can’t think of 10 things for this Tuesday to post!  So, I’m going to do a little change up and tell you about my kitchen table redo I did this weekend!   As I mentioned last week, I am really trying to sell our formal dining room table because I wanted something a little less formal.  I still really want a big farmhouse table, and maybe one day we’ll get one, but until then I thought I could make something “new” out of what I had already.  Last week, I came across this picture on Pinterest…



and it became my inspiration.  It is different, but I thought, “Why not??”

This is what our old table and chairs looked like before…


But then I got to work.  I borrowed an electric sander from my friend, and I sanded the table down really well.

Then, with Michael’s help, I turned the table upside down and painted the legs and bottom rim of the table.



I left it to dry overnight.


The next morning, I went over the paint with Minwax Finish (Jacobean color) to give it more of an aged look.

Next, we flipped it back over so we could tape off the stripes.  Thank goodness for Michael with this step because I do not have a math brain at all, and he figured out striping situation very quickly.  I probably could have done it, but it would have taken me forever and a day!


Ready to stripe!!


While the paint dried, I started working on the chairs.  I used Rustoleum spray paint to do them, and it was super easy!  Spray paint has come a long way!!!!


When the grey paint completely dried, I removed the tape then started on the alternate stripe with the same Minwax stain.  I also did a little over the grey stripe but rubbed it right off just so it would make it a little darker.  I did 3 coats of the stain on the alternate stripe.


After the 2nd coat


This was right before we moved it in the house, and I had also sprayed it the polycrylic.

The stain was still a little sticky.  I didn’t think it would EVER dry because it was SO humid outside.  After we brought it in, it dried overnight and it wasn’t sticky anymore!


I also sprayed the chairs with a coat of polycrylic as well!


Here is the finished project all put together!  I really love how it turned out.  It probably won’t stay in my kitchen forever.  Hopefully one day when we get a farm table, this table and chairs will got out on the screened in porch.  But, for now, we will enjoy it inside.

I’m so glad that I did this even though it was HOT!  I was sweating like a crazy person, but it was worth it!!


Emily said...

Love the table and chairs!

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest table and chairs EVER!!! LOVE!